Is civil political discourse dead?

Years ago in American politics, there used to be this thing called civility. Civility is when two people with differing beliefs on politics have nice rational discussion on different topics. It used to be that most Americans whether they disagreed with someone or not were willing to listen to different opinions. Over the past few decade or so, it seems that those days are gone with two sides nastily fighting with each other. On one hand, some Democrats have moved so far to the left that anybody who is slightly to the right of the radical left, they are ousted from the party and may have their careers and lives ruined. On the other hand, some Republicans have become this reactionary party where anyone who the left attacks, they will defend, even those who are on the alt-right, which is not great. All this is doing is dividing our nation even more than it already has. I’m gonna give examples of this from both sides and we’ll go from there.

Ok so, let’s not just sit here and pretend that the left has not been the main contributor to this, they are. Ever since the 1960s, the left has gone from a somewhat reasonable party to nothing but radical intersectionality and more. Over the next years they get worse and worse and then Obama came around. Although they were still pretty bad during the Bush administration, they became even worse when Obama won the presidency in 2008. Flashforward to today, Democrats have gone full radical left. They refuse to have rational discussions with anyone on the right, in fact they want to destroy the right and remove their voice to speak. Let’s use today’s example. So, if you haven’t heard yet, Spotify, Facebook, Apple, and YouTube have removed Info Wars content from their sites. Now let’s be clear here, I do not like Info Wars at all, I think they are pretty egregious, and they have the right to refuse service to anyone they choose. With that being said, it was really stupid for them to do this seeing how they are supposed to be a platform not a publisher. Them removing content they don’t like just proves that they have a bias against conservatives. How do I know this? Well, if you recall last week, there was a big controversy surrounding New York times editor Sarah Jeong. A few years ago she tweeted out some really nasty stuff about white people. Has her Twitter account been taken down? Nope, and I guarantee you that if she were a conservative, her Twitter account would have been taken down a while ago and she probably would have never been able to get a job in politics again. This just shows how much control the left still has and if they continue to have their way, no one who is a conservative will be able to speak anywhere in fear of the leftist mob. So, when people try to blame conservatives for the lack civility, just remind them that the left is driving force behind incivility.

With all of that being said, the right is not completely innocent from all of this. Over the past few years, the right has become this reactionary party, due to the radicalization of the left, and this is why we have Trump. Trump was mainly a reaction to the years of constant attacks and bullying from the left, and that’s not a bad thing. However where it becomes a problem is when some start to defend some dicey people in order to own the libs or something. People like Roy Moore were defending due to the attacks from the left. As well as people like Richard Spencer. Doing this is not going to help our case and is only going to divide us even more. Then there’s the whole owning the libs thing. Now I admit I do this too, or at least try to do it, but if all you are doing is trying to own the libs and not make intellectual arguments, that’s when it becomes a problem. Of course all this is response to the radical left but I think the right should still try to be civil because that’s what ultimately drives people to their polls.

Bottom line is that both sides need to work on fixing this political discourse problem. The right should stop being reactionary and the left just needs to change their entire approach which I don’t see happening. Now do I ultimately think civil political discourse is dead? No, I don’t think it is, and I think a lot of people believe this as well. This is why people are drawn to the intellectual dark web, because it’s full of people of different backgrounds and beliefs but they all are friendly with each other and have intelligent conversations. My hope is that this type of discourse becomes mainstream, which I do see happening in the near future, because people will get tired of all of this nastiness in politics today.

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