What Republicans need to fix before November

On Tuesday, primary and special elections took place in Ohio, Michigan, Washington state, and Kansas. One of the elections that recieved a lot of the attention was the one in the Ohio 12th congressional district. Now there is a reason for this and let me just say, that reason is not in Republican’s favor. So, ever since the parkland shooting to about the last few weeks or so I have said that Republicans have a good chance in the mid terms due to the radicalization of the left, and at times I was over confident. For the past few weeks or so, there has been a shift in how this election will play out, and that became obvious on Tuesday night. For those who don’t know, the Ohio 12th congressional district has been heavily red for years and has never come close to electing a Democrat until now. Tuesday night should be a wake up call for Republicans because the results were not very good and here they are:

As you see right here, there’s only a 1% difference between the democratic and republican candidates, for a heavily red district, that is not good. In the end Republicans got the win, but if they have trouble with red districts like that one, then there is no way they can win swing/moderate districts, unless of course they change their approach.

There are several things Republicans can do that will likely help them win the elections in November and here are a few of them.

1. Stop with the Reactionary nonsense:

If you haven’t already read it, I wrote an article a few days ago about the incivility of political discourse today. One of things I mentioned in it was that some on the right have a tendency to fall into this reactionary stance, meaning anybody who the left doesn’t like, the right will support, no matter who it is. For example, we look at Russia. As I have stated many times here, I do not think Trump colluded with the Russians to influence the election, I do not see the evidence to support it. However, there is evidence that Russia did TRY to interfere, but were unsuccessful. Anyways, when President Trump met with Vladimir Putin back in July, it didn’t go so well for him. The media of course had overblown the whole thing, which caused some on the right to not only defend Trump, but also Russia. This was really asinine, I’m sorry, but it was. Defending Russia, an oppressive regime run by a dictator, to “own the libs” is not a good thing and only damages us as a party. Most people in America do not like Russia, and when someone defends them, that’s a big turn off. The Alt-right is another example. I also wrote a piece about them and basically how I defined them was that they are a garbage group with garbage and racist beliefs and conservatives need to steer clear of them. When the whole Charlottesville thing happened, several people on the right including the President defended them, all because the left was attacking them. That’s not good, we have no business defending them as group. Bottom line is that, Republicans need to think before they start supporting something or someone the left hates because all it will do is guarantee Democrats the win in November.

2. Sorry Trump supporters, but President Trump should not be the referendum for the Republican campaigns.

I know this is gonna be tick off Trump supporters when I say this, but if Republicans want to have an actual shot at winning in November, they shouldn’t make their campaigns about President Trump. As we saw with previous elections, who ever or which ever side is the referendum of the election, they end up losing. In the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton was the referendum, because a lot of people, including Democrats, did not like her, which is why she lost. The reason why Republicans aren’t looking so great in the polls is because they have made President Trump the referendum. This is easily fixable of course by making Democrats their referendum and I don’t why they wouldn’t because Democrats have a lot of crappy policies.

3. Focus on Radicalization of the left and their policies.

To build on to the last argument, Republicans need shift their focus on the radical left and their policies. This is where Republicans can easily win and I seriously don’t know why they haven’t done this yet. Over the 2 years, Democrats have moved so far to the left that they are now picking actual Socialists as their candidates. One of them is a lady named Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is a total democratic socialist, meaning she believes in the government regulated distribution, universal health care, free education, high taxes, etc. The issue with her is that she has no idea what she is talking most of the time. Seriously, watching her in interviews is so cringeworthy and humorous that I feel my brain cells dying one by one. This is exactly what Republicans need to focus on because if they can convince voters that Democrats have no idea what they are doing in terms of policy (and they don’t) they will blow out the Democrats. So guys, stop focusing so much on the Mueller investigation because nothing is going to come of that, and more on stuff like this.

4. Do Better campaigns

One of the problems with Republicans sometimes is that they don’t do a very good job running campaigns. They either campaign on non important issues or don’t represent their issues very well, which is a shame because they have a lot of good policies. One of biggest things that attracts people to certain candidates is their policies and if Republicans don’t run on it, that turns a lot of voters off. This is easily fixable and they need to do it fast before November.

I firmly believe that if Republicans follow those four steps, Democrats will have no shot in the mid terms. Honestly, all Republicans have to do is fix one little thing and let the left take care of the rest. That’s what hilarious about this whole thing. The left has an advantage right now over the right, but they are too stupid to realize that and they just continue to become more radical, and they don’t realize that people will get tired of it. However, one of things that caused close race on Tuesday was low turnout of conservatives and that’s mostly due to poor performance by Republicans. So, if they change their approach, the turnout will be great in November and there will definitely be a red wave.

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