Yes, racism against whites is real

If you are involved in politics on Twitter then you probably noticed the big controversy involving the New York times. The controversy comes courtesy of a woman named Sarah Jeong, who the New York times just hired. What was this controversy you ask? Well back on Thursday, after the New York times announced Sarah’s hiring, old tweets surfaced that basically blew up the internet. I’m gonna show some of tweets and go from there.

To start off here are the tweets

Isn’t she just delightful? Yeah, so obviously if you have half a brain you would realize that these tweets are just extremely egregious, and obviously very racist. After the tweets surfaced, the Twitter mob went after the New York times demanding her to be fired. I generally don’t think someone should be fired because of old tweets and the Twitter mob. With that said, the fact that they would hire her in the first place just shows their true colors, which is why I think they shouldn’t fire her because they deserve the blowback they will get.

Now, I think the big reason why conservatives are upset with the New York times is because of the massive double standard, and I don’t blame them because I’m just as upset. If Sarah was conservative and said these exact same things, I 100% guarantee you that they would have fired her instantly, no doubt in my mind. But, since she’s on the left, her behavior is perfectly ok. This is exactly why conservatives don’t like the media, because of crap like this, because of the massive double standard, conservatives are absolutely tired of it and is just one of the reasons why Trump won the presidency. So, if you recall back to leftists ideology you know that they are supposedly anti-racism. You would think they would have condemned Sarah Jeong, but you would be wrong.

Since the story broke out, the left has come to the strong defense of Sarah and her tweets. Their defense? Well they say that her tweets are not racist because people of color cannot be racist towards white people, it doesn’t exist apparently. You might be thinking to yourself that this doesn’t make sense, well guess what, you’re a racist too. Yes, according to the left, only whites can be racist because the definition of racism is one group having the power over another. So, when a person of color says some bad things about white people, that’s not racism, that’s them fighting the suppressive power of white men. I just do not have the words that describe how stupid this is other than it’s stupid. First of all, the leftist definition of racism is not the actual definition. The real definition of racism is this

“Racism: prejudice, discrimination, OR antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

To put it to simpler terms, racism is when you hate someone or a group based on their race. No where does it say someone has to be in power to implement racism, its a method but it’s not the only one. So, based on this definition, the notion that people of color cannot be racist towards white people is completely false.

All of this is just to virtue signal of course, in order to club the other side into their submission. Like I said, if Jeong were a conservative and said those things about white people, the left would gone nuts and cry racism. Also just to note, I don’t believe the Alt-right conspiracy that whites are being secretly wiped out, but racism against whites does in fact exist. In the end, the only ones who will probably face damages is the New York times and it will be entirely their fault. Maybe next time, they won’t hire a known racist.


  1. A measured and well written post (I was, I admit, fearing the worst). I think a big difference between racism towards white people and towards other ethnicities is the actual offence it causes: more people would have been offended by the paper’s double standards than by the comments themselves. As a white person I am never in the least bit offended by whatever people say about my ‘race’, whereas slurs against other ethnicities always seem to hit a lot harder and more maliciously. Whatever the recent strides in equality, it’s still definitely ‘punching down’, and I believe power IS a factor

    Again, good post


    • Thank you, and I completely agree with your comment. Most conservatives I know were more ticked off at the double standard than the tweets themselves. If the New York times was consistent, I think it wouldn’t have been as big a deal.

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