Trump-Putin Meeting: My thoughts

On Monday, President Trump and President of Russia Vladimir Putin, had their big meeting to discuss the relationship between the United States and Russia. This could have been a big moment for the President, but it actually turned into a disgrace of a meeting. Trump could have not only build up a better relationship, but this also could’ve been his moment to prove to the left that he is not a puppet for Putin. Instead of doing that, he plays defense for Putin and let me explain in more detail.

As you all know, I am, still to this day, very skeptical about the whole Trump Russia collusion thing. I have seen no evidence that suggest this in any way. In other words, I highly doubt Mueller will come up with anything against Trump and his team. There is however evidence that Russia did in fact try to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, and I know the President knows this. So, instead of trying to grill Putin to get some kind of confession out of him, Trump instead asked one simple question. President Trump asked him if he was behind the interference, and Putin of course denied it. So then, for some stupid reason, Trump says he believes him right away and perseids to defend the corrupt Russian president in front of everybody. He then starts to attack the intelligence agencies of our nation, which is not completely unjustified, but when he’s defending Putin over them, that to me is very troubling. He then goes on to state that both America and Russia are to blame for their failing relationship, which is just asinine. Russia is a very corrupt regime run by a corrupt president ( dictator ). Russia shares absolutely none of the values that Americans hold dear to our hearts. So to say that US is also to blame for this is to ignore history. This is a very low point President Trump right now and it’s disappointing to see.

Now, has the left blown this whole thing out of proportion? Of course they, which is nothing unusual. The left today has stated that this meeting proves that Trump is in bed with the Russians and did collude with them to influence the election. This is all complete nonsense, the thing that came out of that meeting was to show that President Trump still has a rhetoric problem. What’s even more dumb, is that some on right are also coming out in defense of Russia. I have seen several conservatives on Twitter defend the actions committed by Russia in the 2016 election, to own the libs or something. All this is just a way for both sides to find ways to blame each other for problems in this country and it’s really ridiculous.

As I have stated before, I do not believe that Trump colluded with the Russians and I will continue to believe this, unless evidence comes to light, which I highly doubt. All this proves is that Trump is basically a egomaniac in some ways, and is willing to say anything to appeal to the other side, which is foolish. Now, do I think trump was serious when he said those things? Not really. The President has a habit of saying something but he doesn’t follow through, which can be both a good and a bad thing. Basically what I’m saying is that, even though what he said was egregious, we should honestly take it with a grain of salt. This once again proves that Trump may be doing awesome at policy, but his rhetoric needs tremendous improvement or it’s gonna cost him.


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