Media Touts New York As A Great Success Story. It’s Just The Opposite

As we have seen for the past couple of weeks, the Coronavirus has resurged across the country, and the world. In virtually every state, we have seen an uptick in cases and a slight uptick in deaths. It is important to note that the actual death rate has dropped dramatically. So compared to March and April, this thing is not nearly as deadly as it was. Which suggests that this strain has weakened, and more younger people are getting it. While most states have seen the resurgence, there are a few states that haven’t. One of these states is New York. There is an obvious reason for this, but the media is trying to push a different reason for it.

The reason the media is giving is that Governor Cuomo did an amazing job in his state. He made the tough decisions. He’s courageous! He’s a HERO! I’m not kidding, this is what they are saying. There’s a piece at The Hill talking about the fact that New York is no longer seeing deaths from the virus. Here is what it says.

New York City on Sunday reported zero new coronavirus deaths for the first time since early March, a milestone that comes as the virus spikes in other parts of the country.

Yes, this is a good thing, but there is a reason why this happened.

Preliminary health data from the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene showed that no one died from the coronavirus in New York City on Saturday, the first time zero new deaths have been reported there since March 13, according to multiple reports.

New York City has reported a total of 215,924 cases and 18,670 confirmed deaths, according to city data updated on Sunday afternoon. The city hit its peak in terms of confirmed daily deaths from the virus on April 7, with 597 deaths.

As New York and other parts of the Northeast make progress on containing the outbreak, the virus has surged in other parts of the U.S., mainly in the South and West.

Like, I said, this is a good thing, but this doesn’t mean that New York is a success story. Jennifer Rubin tweeted this piece out, and here is what she said.

New York City reports zero COVID-19 deaths for first time since pandemic hit. This is what competent govt. can accomplish.


Oh really. So Cuomo is an example of what great competence looks like. Well, as we’ll see, this is far from the truth. First, Cuomo himself, posted this poster on Twitter. Here’s what it looks like.

This poster suggests, that thanks to Cuomo’s great leadership and bravery, new crushed the Coronavirus, unlike those evil Republican governors. Of course, none of this true.

New York was a disaster and a half. The virus ransacked them. As you see on the poster, it suggests that New York succeeded at flattening the curve. However, this is false. Below is a graph of the curve possibilities at the beginning of this thing.

Cuomo is trying to make seem like they are the blue curve, when in fact they were the red. New York did horribly mostly thanks to Cuomo’s horrible leadership. In New York alone, over 30,000 people have died from the coronavirus. On top of that, Cuomo acted way too late on this thing. It took him almost til May to shutdown and clean the subways. Also, Cuomo was responsible for forcing people sick with the coronavirus into nursing homes where they infected and killed many seniors. A large portion of deaths in the United States happened in nursing homes. This largely due to governors like Cuomo. Does this seem like a great success story to you? It actually seems like utter failure to me. The reason why there hasn’t been a significant uptick in New York is because it already burned through them. It’s possible they have already reached herd immunity.

The media has a particular narrative to push, and that narrative is that the response by democratic governors are good, and the response from republican governors are bad. Despite of what the actual data says, this is what they push. This is why I believe that this is no where near as bad as they made it out to be. It hasn’t gotten so political. The only reason why they continue to push is solely due to Trump being President. If Hillary were President, I’m still convinced we would have never heard about this.

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