Apparently, Everything Is Now White Culture And Racist

You know, sometimes I sit and wonder to myself “can things get any more stupid?” A couple of days later, it does exactly that. I said at the beginning the year that 2020 was going to be a dogfight. When I said this, I was thinking about the election. Never in a million years did I think we would be in the situation we are in right now. Day by day, it gets dumber and dumber. It started with Covid. People were in full blown panic mode, thinking that this virus was going to kill all of them. As it turns out, this virus has a 99% survival rate. Then we get to racism. After the tragic death of George Floyd, the nation exploded. There were riots and protests all over. Also, it gave the left the opportunity to rewrite the definition of racism. It has gotten to the point where everything is now racist, literally everything. Here’s what I am talking about.

So the National Museum of African American History and Culture came out with this thing about “whiteness and white culture in America”. Let’s just say that it is insane. Here’s what they put out.

If you were to look at this without knowing that it came from the National Museum of African American History and Culture, you would think that this was written by a white supremacist. This is literally verbatim of what they believe about America. The only difference is that white supremacists use it because they believe whites are superior to other races, and these people use it because they believe white people are inherently racist to their cores. Seriously things like “hard work”, “objectivity”, and even kids getting their own rooms is part of whiteness. The nuclear family is now white culture. Success is white culture. How in the world is this not racist?Seriously, white supremacists have said these exact same things. They have said black people cannot succeed because they are black. Now we got these woke white liberals saying that if you are black and want to succeed in life, well you are embracing your inner whiteness. So if you want to stay true to your race, you must not work hard and gain success. This is possibility the worse and most racist thing you can say to a black person. What kind sick and demented person do you have to be to look a person of color in the eyes and tell them no matter what you do, you cannot succeed in this country. You are doomed to fail. That is an evil thing to say to a person, but this is an idea the wokeanity left believes.

It comes from the notion that it is not enough to not be racist, you must be anti-racist by the left’s standards. So there’s a piece from The Washington Post titled Stumbling Towards Wokeness, After George Floyd’s death, she wanted to be anti-racist. But what would that mean, exactly? Here is what it says.

TULSA — The text messages were flying in to Christine Tell’s cellphone. They were coming from a group of friends who taught with her at a preschool inside the Methodist chapel near the green fields of the University of Tulsa.

“A woman on our FB post is claiming we are a whites only school,” one wrote about the interaction on Facebook. “Someone tell me what I’m missing.”

When Tell looked at the post, she knew exactly what was missing: photos of black and brown students. All of the smiling children featured on the school’s post were white, which the teachers insisted was a coincidence.

Even though she lived hundreds of miles from the street corner in Minneapolis where police pinned Floyd to the ground, Tell felt complicit in his death. She had convicted herself — and white people just like her — of a lack of concern about racism in America, shaping a country in which black men could be killed in such a disturbing and public way.

I’m sorry what? She felt convicted for a death she had no part of, and she says we should feel the? Really? Look, what happened to George Floyd was absolutely awful, but I do not feel any conviction or responsibility for his death. And if you do feel any responsibility, you might need to reexamine your life.

She wanted to be an anti-racist, although she was still trying to figure out what that meant. It was a messy process, stumbling toward wokeness, in which she would learn the limits and frustrations of trying to dismantle structural racism.

Tell was among the throngs of white people across the country reexamining their role in America’s racial dilemma. Books about anti-racism have been flying off the shelves and the Black Lives Matter protest movement had gained newfound support in all crevices and corners of the country. Social justice groups were seeing waves of new white supporters, who, while awash in feelings of anger, guilt and shame, were eager to find some semblance of activism and absolution.

This right here plays into the narrative of the wokeanity left that you are responsible for sins of the collective. It is pagan nonsense. This entire piece is basically just this crap.

The left for years has made it their goal to destroy the foundation of America, because they believe that every piece of it is evil and racist. This is why they care about race so much, because it is politically beneficial. We are now at the point that the idea of not seeing race but seeing the character of people is now racist. We are not too far off from Martin Luther King Jr being considered a product of white culture because of the ideas he pushed. And if you are someone who likes America but is voting for Joe Biden, please reexamine this decision. If you think this will stop with a Joe Biden presidency, you are highly mistaking. This is why Trump needs to get his act together. We cannot afford as a country to have Trump lose reelection.


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