The Left Is On A Mission To Destroy America, And Here Is How They Are Doing It

There is currently a growing effort from one side of the political isle to destroy America. This past month has been an awful time for this country. I have never seen it like this in my lifetime, and it seems like it continues to get worse. The left has deep hatred for America, they hate every bit of it with a passion. The values that went into the founding of this nation, are evil, according to the left. Instead of looking at America through the lins of this country has done some bad things, but overall, America is amazing. The left looks through the lins of America is a horrible evil place that is racist to its very core. With this being their mindset of America, they believe that the only way to fix the problem is to completely destroy the nation and its foundations entirely. In order to fully do this, there is a multi step process the left must complete to destroy America.

Rewrite History:

In order to tear down America from its roots, you must first rewrite the history of America. The history of America suggests that it was founded on the key principles of individual rights that spring from Judeo-Christian values. While this country did struggled to apply these values to everyone regardless of race, the values are unique and good to its core. In order to push the notion that it is the exact opposite, that America was never great, well you have to rewrite history. For example, look at the 1619 project. The 1619 project suggests that America’s true founding was actually in 1619, when the first slaves were brought here, instead of 1776. America was actually founded on slavery, and the values of America are embedded in white supremacy. This comes from the Howard Zinn version of history that springs from marxist philosophy. So, now that we have a new vision of America, now we must erase all the old history. This means tearing down monuments to prominent United States figures. As we have seen these past couple weeks, statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and even Ulysses S. Grant have either been defaced or torn down completely. There’s a push to make Howard Zinn’s book a history book for schools. Everything must be changed so that America is looked at through the left’s lins.

Racial Divide:

Now that history has been rewritten, the next step is to divide America, mostly on racial lines. When Martin Luther King Jr. gave his speech in Washington DC, he specifically said that he hopes for a America where people don’t see color, only character. For years after that, this was the case for most people in America. Blacks and Whites became best friends, interracial marriages were happening, etc. Racism was almost erraticated in the United States. Well in order to racially divide people again, you must change the definition of racism. The original definition of racism was basically that you looked down upon people because of their race. The new definition of racism suggests that prejudice combined with power is actual racism. Since the left believes that whites are in charge of the system, people of color can’t be racist. Also, if you say that you are color blind and that the race of your friends doesn’t matter to you, only their character, well you’re now a racist. Everything must be looked through to lins of color. With this being the case, black people must now see white people collectively as the enemy keeping them down. This means every incident of White on Black crimes must be nationalized regardless of the facts of the case. We must push the notion that whites are hunting down blacks every day in this country. All of this must be done because it is necessary in order to destroy the country.

Remove God:

The final step to truly tear down America is to remove the values, and that includes removing God from the public mindset. With God comes a particular set of values that so happens to be the foundation of the United States. If we are to truly push the notion that these values are evil, God must be removed first because God isn’t evil. We have to remove Him, and push the notion these values came from man which means it can be changed by man. The process of removing God is complicated, but it basically goes like this. You have to remove the idea that we are One Nation Under God. You have to forbid prayer in schools, because prayer suggests that these values are being talked about and we can’t have that in our schools. You have to change the way religious people, particularly Christians, are viewed. You must portray them as ignorant bigots who know nothing about the world. You have to shame people for practicing their faith in public, because someone might see it and start believing. With God out of the way, government must become the place holder for that God shaped hole. The people must be trained that the government can give you everything you need, so there is no need for God. With this final step, America can fully be brought down into crumbles.

This is what the left’s mission is for America right now, it is in the works right now. The media has pushed racial division for years to where they don’t even accurately report statistics on crime. Statues are being taken down. The media is mainstreaming the 1619 project. Orwell’s 1984 is starting to become a reality. This is where conservatives need to come in. Conservatives still believe in the values of America, and we must now educate Americans on it. If we can successfully do this, the left’s goal will surely fail.

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