FBI Releases Shocking Notes From Interview With General Mike Flynn

On Wednesday, the FBI unsealed some handwritten notes from their interview with General Mike Flynn. Mike Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI during the interview which was done for the Russian collusion stuff. Well, the FBI unsealed the handwritten notes that were taken, and it’s pretty explosive. Here are the notes below.

As you can see on the notes that their goal was to either get the truth from Flynn, or trap him to get him to lie in order to get him prosecuted or fired.

Now, if this is true, then that is obviously some very bad stuff. Trapping people into a lie in order to get them into trouble is a some very dirty politics. What this means is that, if this is true, some in the FBI had a vested interest in taking down President Trump and his allies. Again, all of this speculation, meaning that we need to see more proof that they did indeed trap him into a lie. With that said, this is still some pretty insane stuff and doesn’t make the FBI look good in this situation. As per usual though, let’s wait for more information.

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