The Case For Reelecting Donald Trump

Tomorrow is the big day. The day we have all been dreading for the past 4 years. Election day has arrived. I think it is safe to say that these last 4 years have been absolutely insane. From Trump-Russia collusion, to the attacks against Brett Kavanagh, to impeachment, to a global pandemic, to riots in cities, etc. 2020 especially has been relatively insane. I said at the beginning the year that it was going to be a dogfight, and let’s just say that “dogfight” was an understatement. Now, we have an election tomorrow and things have heated up quite a bit. We have one candidate who has good political values and beliefs behind him, but is also toxic. On the other side, we have a candidate who is seeking to destroy and reform America to his liking. The first candidate is Donald Trump, and the second is Joe Biden. In piece, I’m seeking to layout the case for reelecting Donald Trump.

Back in 2016, during the primaries, I was not a fan of Trump, I did not want him to be the republican nominee. My choice was Ben Carson. As we all know, Trump won the primaries and the election became a race between Trump and Clinton. At that point, I decided to pull the lever for Trump mostly because Hillary Clinton was just awful on every level. Election night came, Trump won, and thus began the 4 years of Trump’s presidency. Despite me voting for him, I thought he wouldn’t govern conservatively and was going to be incredibly toxic and divisive. However, I was proven wrong on terms of policy. On terms of rhetoric, it was what I predicted but a lot of that is already baked into the cake. Fast forward to 2020, and things are even more contentious than it was in 2016. In spite of all of that, I’m going break it down into four categories of my case for reelecting Donald Trump.

4: Policy

As I said before, I thought Trump wouldn’t govern as a conservative given his past political beliefs. I was completely wrong. He has governed more conservatively than any other President in my lifetime (of course Bush was the only other republican president in my lifetime, but I digress). He past an incredible tax cut bill. He cut many governmental regulations. He moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He has appointed 3 originalist Supreme Court Justices. He has been very pro life in his policy. Also, he has not really overstepped his authority, especially during Covid. The economy was tremendous, before Covid, due to his policy. So, on policy grounds, he has pretty good grounds for being reelected.

3: His Character is baked in

So it’s not a secret that Trump’s character is not something to brag about. He’s very toxic in rhetoric sometimes. Despite of what some people would like to insist, from what I’ve seen, he’s not a follower of Christ. He once famously said that “he has no need to repent”. These things are what made me not a fan. Fast forward to 2020, and while a lot of it is still true, it’s baked into the cake. So him being reelected won’t change that one way or another.

2: Values

1 Corinthians 10:31 says So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” The election is no exception. When voting, we most vote in accordance to our Biblical worldview. This includes the policies each candidate has pursued and/or holds dear. Now, while Trump has bad character, the values that he pushes or vows to protect are more important in my view. Trump has repeatedly protected religious liberty and has been actively pro life. Joe Biden believes in abortion on demand, Socialism, and many other policies that are not only anti-american but also anti-God in nature. A professed follower of Christ should not even consider voting for a side that believes all of that. Based on this, Trump has a solid basis of reelection.

1. Democrats have lost their f***ing minds

You know what’s crazy, all Democrats had to do was not be insane. That’s literally all they had to do, but they have completely failed on those terms. They have reacted to everything that Trump does or says in the worst way possible. The media mask has completely been taken off. They don’t even pretend to be objective anymore. They still haven’t accepted the results of the 2016 election yet. They moved radically to the far left and have embraced policies they wouldn’t have embraced 5 years ago. At every turn, they seek to limit viewpoints from conservatives because they don’t agree with it. They are nuts. So for that reason alone, Trump should be reelected.

With all that said, anything can happen. I think Trump will win reelection, but we’ll have to see. However, it is important to note, no matter who wins, God is still in control.

One comment

  1. President Trump has had so much trouble from the other side … enough to cause a breakdown in anyone else … that, to me, he seems to be seeing the spiritual side and realizing that it is an answer to evil. I liken him to the great Constantine, leader of his troops in a battle, who was a bad boy until he saw the Cross in the sky and the voice asking him to place this emblem on his flags and on his troops and he would conquer. He obeyed. He eventually replaced the Emperor. He was the man who made Christianity the state religion in ancient Rome. He did away with the persecution of Christians, the lions and the gladiators. Trump is brilliant, yet, he has the common touch.


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