Cities Burn While Democrats Ignore It

It is August, almost September of 2020, and our cities continue to burn. Each night, rioters hit the streets destroying property and even assaulting people. This recently ramped up due to a shooting involving cops and a black man. Here’s the situation. This happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A man named Jacob Blake went up to a woman’s home, support his ex girlfriend, uninvited and started harassing her and even stole her keys. The woman called 911 and the cops came to help. It turns out that Blake had a warrant out for his arrest on the charges of sexual assault, and has a history of domestic abuse and assault. So the police had the legal authority to arrest him. When they tried, he resisted and fought them. They tried to tase him, but it did not work. He broke free and moved towards his car with the police telling him to stop. He then opened his car and reached in for a knife. Then the cops shot him for his trouble. He survived but is paralyzed. Based on these fact patterns, it is clear that this was a justified shoot. The number one thing you never do when encountering the police is to reach into your car for weapon. At that point, they have every right to assume the worst. Despite the facts I just laid out, the media ran a completely different narrative, which led to the riots.

Here’s the narrative that the media went with. They originally reported that Jacob Blake was there to break up a fight between two women. After the cops arrived, he simply walked to his car and the cops shot him for no other reason than being black. Now obviously, this was not the case, but the media ran with it anyways. This is the problem in today’s media environment, no body wants to wait for the facts before coming to a conclusion. This kind of malfeasance leads to things like riots in the streets. After the shooting, Kenosha went into chaos. Businesses were looted, some burned down completely. They set fire to several cars at a nearby car dealership, where a church also sits at. A business owner was trying to defend his business from the rioters and was beaten up for his trouble. This has continued for several nights, and nothing was done to stop it.

The problem is that these riots are taking place in democrat ran cities, and the leaders refuse to put a stop to it. The mayors in these cities have handcuffed the police from doing anything. The democratic governors refuse to send in the National Guard to get the cities under control. The dirty little secret is that they sort of support it. During the DNC, there was not one mention of the riots, not one. The media continues to minimize the riots by saying it’s “mostly peaceful”. Anytime you criticized the riots, you were called a racist for being against the blm protests. Now, as I have said many times, it is important to separate the protesters and the rioters. There are some people who are legit protesting, and they have every right to do so. The rioters on the other hand, have no right to do so and should be arrested for it. The only ones mentioning it are Republicans. At the RNC, several speakers, including President Trump, spoke out against the riots, and rightfully so. Some democrats have spoken out against it, but it was in vague terms and was only done before of the polling. The polls for democrats are looking terrible. Biden had a double digit lead, and now it’s down in the singles. This is largely due to the riots, and the Democrat’s inability to condemn them.

When look on into the election, these are the factors you have to consider. Trump may be a dolt at times who says stupid stuff and does bad things, but the democrats want Abortion on Demand, Socialism, Defunding of the police, etc. When looking at these policies, if you care about America and want it to continue to flourish, I don’t see a rational where you vote for democrats. Trump, at least, loves America, democrats hate it, and want it restructured.

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