Here’s Why Schools Should Reopen

As Coronavirus cases across the country begin to peak, there is still a lot of debate about what exactly we should do going forward. The left would like to go back on lockdowns nationwide to “save lives”. Of course, there’s no evidence that the lockdowns actually helped stop the spread and saved lives. In fact, cases were already starting to peak before the push for new lockdowns. In reality, as I have said many times, the only way forward is to push through. What I mean by this is that we have to reach some kind of herd immunity. There is no world where we can survive staying locked down until there’s a vaccine. Funny enough, there are some people coming out and saying that we should continue to do so even after a vaccine is available. We have to go about our lives and not live in constant fear. Part of this is opening up schools. While members of the left scream over the notion, there’s actually a good case for opening the schools.

One reason for this is due to the fact that kids have been fighting off this virus spectacularly. According to The CDC posted in a piece by The Wall Street Journal,

30 children under age 15 have died from Covid-19. In a typical year 190 children die of the flu, 436 from suicide, 625 from homicide, and 4,114 from unintentional deaths such as drowning.

As it turns out, kids are not really at risk from this virus. For kids under 18, the flu is about 10x deadlier than Covid. Of course, as you get older, Covid does become for deadly than the flu but I digress. Not only are kids not really at risk, there’s also evidence that shows that kids don’t actually spread it. There is not a single reported study anywhere in the world that says kids have passed this thing. With this being the case, there is no reason to not open the schools. There are ways to do this while simultaneously protecting the teachers and the students who are vulnerable. We have been hearing for months that we need to follow the science, well the science says we should open schools. Of course, members of the left and media continue to run for the hills screaming that we will kill children if schools reopen.

So there is a piece from The New York Times titled A Small Georgia City Plans to Put Students in Classrooms This Week. This piece is about Jefferson City Schools planning on returning to school this coming week. This hits closer to home since my brother and sister graduated from there. Here’s what it says.

JEFFERSON, Ga. — When Jennifer Fogle and her family moved from Indiana to Georgia 13 years ago, they settled in Jefferson, a small, handsome city an hour’s drive from Atlanta, because they had heard about the excellent schools. And until recently, they had little to complain about. The teachers are passionate and committed, and the facilities rival those found at some private schools.

But in recent days Ms. Fogle found herself uncharacteristically anxious, after learning that Jefferson City Schools planned to offer face-to-face instruction in the midst of a resurgent coronavirus pandemic that has seen thousands of new cases reported daily in Georgia.

So basically this piece is about a parent who went to The New York Times because they were nervous about their kids returning to school.

As other districts around the state delayed their back-to-school days or moved to all-remote learning, Jefferson school officials announced that they were sticking with their Friday start date, one of the earliest in the nation. And while school officials said they would “strongly encourage” masks for students and teachers, they stopped short of making masks mandatory.

Ms. Fogle, 46, a stay-at-home mother, thinks these decisions are unwise. But after weighing her options, including online education promoted by the district but taught by a private company or the state, she decided it best to let her two teenage children embrace the risks and physically attend Jefferson High School. It seemed futile, she said, to go against the grain in a heavily pro-Trump community where many see masks as an infringement of their personal freedom — and in a state where the Republican governor, Brian Kemp, has been urging districts to reopen their classrooms despite the pandemic’s growing toll.

Ah, here is where it becomes political. This is all the fault of evil Trump supporters. Also, it’s quite hilarious that this lady went to the new york times complaining about Jefferson opening up while saying she will send her daughters to school.

The president won almost 80 percent of the vote in Jackson County in 2016, and he has repeatedly downplayed the seriousness of the virus. Similar sentiments have been a staple on a Facebook forum for Jefferson residents that has been flaring with passionate disagreements about the pandemic and the school system’s response to it.

This is so rich. We are now officially at the “Orange man bad” portion of the piece.

Jefferson’s public school system, which dates to 1818, has been growing quickly. Today four schools service the 3,800-student system. The district, which is 78 percent white, boasts of high test scores and other accolades on its website, and makes some spots available to out-of-district students for $900 to $1,000 per year.

And here’s where race comes into it. Seriously, this piece goes on and on shaming Jefferson for reopening and not mandating masks. Good on Jefferson for making this decision. The outrage you are seeing from people is quite astonishing and what’s even more astonishing is the teachers unions. Supposedly, this is all about protecting students from Covid. Well, now some teachers unions have been demanding things like defunding the police before opening schools. What does this have to do with Covid? Also, how does defunding the police help students? Obviously, it’s not about Covid anymore.

Day by day, Covid is becoming more and more political, to the point where good treatments for it are being banned because it proves Trump right. It is immensely clear that the left in general doesn’t actually care about the virus. They care about getting Trump out of office by any means necessary, and pushing their most precious agenda.


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