Major Cities Across America Continue To Be Engulfed With Violence While Democrats Blame Trump

Man, 2020 continues to be an absolute chaotic year. First we’ve had to deal with a pandemic. Then we had to deal with riots and chaos in major cities in America. The riots started in back in late May. It is now late July and riots still continue apace. Buildings are being destroyed or burned down. Businesses are being looted. People are being killed or hurt. In the midst of this, what have local governments done to stop this? Absolutely nothing. The government officials in these cities, all virtually ran by democrats, mandated that police not do anything to stop these riots. Because of this, President Trump began deploying federal troops to cities like Portland to stop them. The President does in fact have the power to do this under the Insurrection Act of 1807. Also, federal property was in danger, and the president has the authority to protect said property. This has prompted democrats and the media to react in the worst way possible.

Let me start by saying that the media is a flaming pile of garbage and are full of liars. They are liars who lie in order to push a particular narrative. They have bathed themselves in absolute shame these past few years. To start, here is a piece in The Washington Post titled Violent protest clashes turned Portland into a ‘right-wing boogeyman.’ Here’s how it happened. Here is what it says.

On Monday, President Trump painted another dire picture of the ongoing protests in Portland, Ore., telling reporters the demonstrators there are “anarchists” who “hate our country.” So awful is the violence, Trump alleged, that he’s been forced to flood the city with federal officers

“Painted”? He painted the these people as anarchists who hate America? No, he didn’t paint them that way, he simply acknowledged them because antifa are violent thugs who hate America.

But Democrats and local leaders reiterated on Monday that protests have been largely peaceful, and harshly criticized the federal forces, which have shot and seriously injured one peaceful protester and shoved others into unmarked vans.

Oh, they were largely peaceful. It was Trump’s fascist agents who started the violence, even though these riots have been happening for months and these agents just recently arrived there.

They were being prayed upon you see. In reality, the agents arrested people who were involved in rioting and the destruction of federal property. Their uniforms were marked, just not their cars, which is not unusual.

Experts and local activists say Trump’s claims are the latest in a sustained efforts by conservative commentators and politicians to marry the myth of antifa terrorists to a city where discontent has grown for years over increasingly harsh police responses at protests.

The myth of Antifa terrorists?! The Myth?! Are you kidding me?! This is gaslighting at its finest. The media is actually trying to say that antifa is just a figment of our imaginations when they do in fact exist. It’s not just the media though. Democrats abroad have said that Trump is fascist for sending in federal officers to protect federal property. Trump is the real instigator of violence here. This is because he’s orange and bad, and also very mean and orange. While they say this, they also basically support the riots because it pushes a particular narrative.

I know I know, I have already discussed this many times before, but again,,it is important for people to know this. The reason why democrats and the media seem to be ok with the riots is because the rioters are spouting a narrative about the country that they agree with. This narrative is that America was founded on racism and slavery and that it is evil down to its core. The reason why I keep talking about this is because the media is still trying to hide behind the mask as though these protests are still just about George Floyd and police brutality. It has obviously morphed away from that and has become the breeding ground for folks like Antifa to push their marxist anti-american revolution.

There is going to become a point in time where people simply say they have had enough. If you live in America, you have had the privilege to live in the most freest, and most prosperous nation on earth. No matter what race you are, if you work hard, you can succeed. The left is trying to push the notion that even the idea of working hard is part of systemic racism. There’s going to become a point where people are going to fight back. This is why I continue to talk about this. It’s because people need to wake up to what the left is doing in America.

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