The Holocaust Everyone Is Ignoring

Everything is crazy right now. Covid cases continue to rise prompting some government officials to renew lockdowns. The left continues to destroy the nation by dividing us by race. Democratic officials continue to push to defund the police and not allowing them to police their cities. Because of this, crime rates, specifically murder, continue to rise. While all of this happening here, there are some problems, real serious problems around the world, specifically in China. Everyone has chosen to ignore this because it’s not politically expedient right now. What is happening right now in China is absolutely horrific. Here’s what they are doing.

As we all know, China is not a good place. The media would like to portray China as a great unique place, but in reality, it’s awful. The government has oppressed their people for years. For example, they have forced women to get abortions in order to control the population. Very recently, they have completely shut down the uprising in Hong Kong. The latest example is horrible. The Chinese government has been rounding up thousands to millions of Uighur Muslims and sending them to concentration camps. This has been going on for months, but has been covered up by China themselves. Very recently, some areal drone footage has been revealed showing these people blind folded and on their knees. Here’s a couple of pictures below.

China continues to deny that this is happening. According to The Guardian, the Chinese Ambassador to the UK has denied the abuse of Uighur Muslims in the region saying

‘I do not know where you get this videotape,’ adding, ‘sometimes you have a transfer of prisoners, in any country.’

Well they can deny deny deny all they want, but it certainly doesn’t change the fact that this is happening. We are seeing something truly horrific unfolding and everyone seems to be ignoring it.

I’m sure many of you remember something called the Holocaust that happened during WW2. Where Hitler ordered the detention and slaughter of millions of people, including 6 million Jews, who were the primary target. After it, we all said that we would never forget. Decades later, we seem to have forgotten. Not only are people ignoring what’s happening, they continue to defend China. The NBA has continually defended China for years despite of the crap they do. Here’s how far people are willing to go trying to defend China. So it is a fact that the Coronavirus came from China, that’s an undeniable fact. However, people want to find anyway to let them off the hook and blame Trump. Here’s what a guy named Chip Franklin tweeted out.

Who agrees that 45 is using bio-terrorism to kill Americans and blaming China for it?



Are you kidding me? This how far people will go. These people pretend to care about the Holocaust on one of the remembrance days, but when one is happening now, they say “it’s not our business” “we shouldn’t get involved”.

We cannot continue to ignore the oppressive nature of China because they will get worse. Just today, according to the Blaze, China has ordered Christians to replace crosses and images of Jesus with images of communist dictators. This is only going to get worse, especially if countries continue to ignore it.


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