Low Covid Deaths, The Media Claims This Is Nothing To Celebrate

As we have seen, the Coronavirus has resurged across the country. However, things are much different this time around. For one, we know a lot more about the genetic makeup of the virus and how it works. We also know better ways to treat the disease for those who end up in the hospital. Also, the death rate is much lower than it was when it first started. Despite the fact that the number of cases have gone up, the number of deaths have continued to drop. This could change, but as of right now, this is a very good thing. If the trend continues, it shows that more young people are getting it, and it has weakened. This is good news worth celebrating, because even if we have more cases but less deaths, it means we are rapidly approaching herd immunity. As I said in a previous piece, a vaccine is not guaranteed, so herd immunity is what we should be pushing for. Now, you would think that most people would be happy about this. However, the media believes that this isn’t something to be happy about.

So Bloomberg put out an article today that was originally titled A Lower Covid-19 Death Rate Is Nothing to Celebrate, but now it is titled A Lower Death Rate Doesn’t Make the U.S. Covid Surge Ok. Here’s what it says.

The recent spike in U.S. Covid-19 infections has mercifully been accompanied by a declining death count. There were days in the spring when the country had half the number of cases but twice as many deaths. Now, at least, the U.S. is testing more widely.

And even though death is a lagging indicator, and the numbers are likely to catch up to some degree, there is reason to hope that the lag could now be longer and slower than it was in the spring. After all, much has been learned about how to treat Covid-19 patients.

At the same time, however, a lower death count is no justification for states to reopen their economies incautiously or to suggest, as the White House appears to be doing, that Americans should just get used to living with Covid-19.

Well, we’re going to have to adapt to this thing at some point. We can’t just live in fear of this virus forever, especially considering that the majority of the people who get it have little to no symptoms. Also, if we have more cases but much fewer deaths that continue to drop, what is wrong with reopening? If we get to the point where most people who get it have just cold symptoms, there is no justified reason for us to be locked down.

It must be kept in mind, however, that a lower average death count — say, 500 a day — is still tragic. And if the U.S. continues to add 50,000-plus new cases a day, the number of deaths will rise. Rampant case growth will inevitably breach measures that lead to better outcomes.

Again, this might be the case, but if it isn’t, that is a very good thing. It is very clear that the media wants to make this look as bad as possible.

When this thing first started, it didn’t take long for the media to play politics and say that Trump is to blame for the infection rates and the decline of the economy. I have always said that due to the fact that the media is making it political tells you that it isn’t as bad as they say it is. Here’s the harsh truth though. The media has a vested interest for this thing to get bad just for the sole reason to help Biden beat Trump. This has been obvious from the very beginning. They want to see Trump, and that means they have to instill fear in people, and play a particular narrative of the state of the country.

As I have believed from the beginning, you should take some precautions, but there’s no need to be scared of this virus. One way to ease up on the fear is to stop listening to the media and look for information that they aren’t reporting. The media wants to paint the picture that we are all going to die, while the actual information suggests that you will be fine even if you get sick. The media has a vested interest to keep you cooped up in fear, and you must not let them. This is the major reason why their credibility is at an all time low.

Bloomberg Piece:


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