Fear Is The Real Killer, Not Covid

From the very beginning of this pandemic, the media’s goal was always to instill fear in people. Despite the fact that this virus is no where near the most dangerous virus in the world, the media successfully led people to think this way. The moment the virus hit US soil, the media made it out to be the most deadly virus in existence and that if you get it, you’ll most likely die. What happened because of this? People went into full panic mode. People who simply got a stuffy nose were rushing to the emergency room. People were flooding grocery stores to stock pile on supplies. We all remember that. You know, the time when toilet paper was impossible to find. This was the media’s goal, to instill fear, get people to panic, which in return forced the country to shut down. To this day, despite everything we know now, the media continues to instill fear. Every day, they’re putting out articles highlighting “a record number of new Covid cases”. They of course don’t provide much context for the increase. They ignore the fact that the increase is largely due to increased testing. They ignore the fact that the vast majority of these new cases are asymptomatic and are all young people. They ignore the fact that the number deaths have dropped dramatically and the number of actual Covid hospitalizations and Covid ICU occupancy is low. Yes, some hospitals are at large capacity. However, this is actually normal for them, and the vast majority of the visits are not Covid related. The media would like to ignore all of that of course because it would expose that this thing is not as bad as people make it out to be. With this, they can’t successfully instill fear.

This is not first time the media has done this, nor is it the last time. It seems to me like it is actually worse. Even with things like thunderstorms. People in the media have been covering them a lot more and give off the vibe that these are basically the worst storms, when in reality, they were bad, but we’ve had worse. If you remember a few weeks ago, when the whole murder hornet thing happened. Some Japanese hornets somehow made their way to the US, and the blasted it saying “WARNING! Murder Hornets In US”. The joke is that only a few of them were found, and it won’t even kill you. It will hurt, but it won’t kill you. In a more recent example, the media has constantly been reporting the dangers of a so called Sahara dust storm. This is basically where sand from the Sahara desert reaches into the upper atmosphere and can reach the United States. However, since it is in the upper atmosphere, it likely won’t even harm you. Also, this happens literally every year. Here’s another example of this. The media is now reporting a new strain of Swine Flu that can reach pandemic levels. If you are panicked by this, please turn off the news. This is the media’s goal, to constantly sell fear, because they know it gets them more money. The thing they fail to realize is that constant fear is much worse than Coronavirus.

When constantly live in fear of something that might or might not harm you, this can lead to a lot more bad stuff. Your blood pressure will rise, your anxiety levels will rise and likely lead to panic attacks. With these attacks too, some people have confused with Covid symptoms. This is how bad this is. A large part of the reason why people can be scared so easily is because society has ousted God. I know I keep bringing this up, but there is a reason for it. This is the reason why we have the problems we do today. When are saved by the bloodshed of our Lord Jesus Christ and know Him, you have no reason to constantly live in fear. When you don’t know God, you have no safe place to go, so your only option is to live in that fear. We as a society have bought into the notion that death is the worst thing. Death is far from the worst thing, and when you know God, you believe this. There are many things worse than death, and this is objectively true. Because of the ousting of God from society, we have bought into the notion that nothing is worse than death. When you believe this, and whenever there’s something like a pandemic, you almost have to live in fear.

We cannot live live like this. Constantly living in fear is no way to live and I don’t understand how people can stand living like that. If you don’t want to live like this, the thing you should start off with is turning off the news. As I said before, the media’s goal is to keep living in fear, which makes them more money. If we deprive them of this and openly call them out, they’ll have no choice but to change their tactics and return to actual news reporting. Also, if you don’t want to live in fear anymore, look to God. Thanks His Grace and His sacrifice and resurrection for us, He is our refuge. God is bigger than your fears and problems.

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