The Sanctity Of Life Is Being Thrown Out

When our society decided that God was no longer necessary for us to function, several things were next in line to go, one them being the sanctity of life. This really started with Roe vs Wade, basically when the country decided to turn its back on the unborn. From that point on, convenience and self gratification became more important than the life of the unborn child. For years, as the Pro-Life movement continued the fight for life, the people in the mainstream media twisted the message and made it seem like Pro-lifers are all bigots who want to control women. None of that is true, but the media pushed it anyways. Over the past few years however, the pro life movement has gained steam. A big part of this is largely due to the advancement in technology showing clearer images of the baby. So basically, the advancement in technology has really dwindled the argument in favor of abortion, which is a good thing. However, not all technological advancements are created equal. Some are good, some are dangerous.

Earlier today, Tech Insider came out with a video showing a new piece of technology. This piece of technology is basically an incubator where a fetus can grow inside. You read that right. Instead of the baby growing inside the mother’s womb, the baby is grown inside of a machine. The intentions is to help women who can’t have babies of their own. Even some pro life conservatives are arguing that this can help the pro life cause. While the intentions are good, it can and will get ugly very fast, and concept of it is troubling itself. Also, I think this will make the abortion situation much worse. When you have a machine that grows a human being the way the mother is supposed to do, many things can go wrong. There could be a glitch in the machine that either kills or defects the baby. Also, this will make killing the baby much easier. Now, women have to go to a clinic to get an abortion. With this machine, you can just simply pull the plug. On top of that, the idea of using a machine to create and grow a human being is deeply troubling.

As I stated earlier, after our society decided that God was no longer necessary, things started going down hill. With Christians, we believe that humans beings are flawed sinful creatures who needs God to show us the way to joy and fulfillment. With God, the is a clear objective morality for us to live by. Without God, humans can go down some pretty bad paths and even create their own morality. Without God, people think they can do anything that is unnatural without any sort of consequence. I’m not against all advancement of technology, but I am against technology that basically gives humans the power to play God. This is what this piece of technology will do. We can now artificially create another human being. The biggest problem with this is that concept of life has been thrown out the window. If humans can be created like this, what’s to stop them from advancing the tech to where you can create a certain personality. What’s to stop the government from taking advantage of this. My point is that humans, no matter how hard you try, cannot successfully play God. God can create because He is God. We are human beings who are sinful and flawed in nature. Because of this, how exactly can we expect something like this to not grow out of control. Here’s a quote from a great character from an amazing movie.

Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stopped to think if they should – Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park

He’s exactly right. We may be able to do this, but that doesn’t mean that we should do it.

As things get more and more crazy, it becomes more clear that we are getting incredibly close to end times here. When people start openly advocating for something like this, it is clear that we are at that point. It is only going to get crazier. When things are like this, it can be easy to discouraged and drift from the faith. However, despite all of the evil in this, know that God is still with you, and that soon, none of this will exist. Until then, we need to stay vigilant and keep the faith.

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