We Are Going To Have To Face The Harsh Reality Of The Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus resurges across the country, politicians are now panicking on what exactly to do. When this virus first came about, the response was to shutdown the country to slow the spread. While I was against the lockdowns from the beginning, I at least understood the arguments for them at the time. As time went on, and people were losing jobs and the economy was tanking, it became apparent that these lockdowns was a horrible idea. The purpose the lockdowns was to stop the hospitals from being overrun. This didn’t even come close to happening, so naturally states started opening up. A month went by and there were no upticks in cases. Then, a couple of weeks after the massive protests started, there have been resurges of the virus across the country. The media would like to blame this on states opening up and memorial day, while ignoring the fact that the protests started around the same time. With these resurges, there is a lot of talk on what exactly we should do.

As expected, the left is calling for more lockdowns and for us to stay locked down until there is a vaccine. Locking down the country again would be an absolute disaster of an idea. The only thing it would do is destroy the economy. The American people will not be up for this, so if lockdowns are tried again, it won’t work. It’s obvious what the democrats agenda is here, but I’ll get to that later. As we see the virus resurge, there does need to be a conversation about what exactly to do. Lockdowns are not an option, and there’s no guarantee of a vaccine. There is one full proof way to mitigate the threat of this virus. It is somewhat harsh, but it’s the only way.

One thing that has become apparent from this resurgence is that the vast majority of these new cases are young people. Not only that, the vast majority of cases are asymptomatic and there’s talk that there is a lot more asymptomatic cases out there than has been reported. While there has been an uptick in cases, deaths and hospitalizations are continuing to drop. With this being the case, the death rate continues to go down and it’ll eventually be on par with the flu death rate. With all of this knowledge in hand, this is where we seriously consider the full proof method. This method would be natural herd immunity. The way to do this is by people who are healthy getting infected by it and develop a natural immunity. This may seem harsh, but it’s our best option. We cannot be stuck inside for months or even years on end waiting for a vaccine. We need to face this thing head on. Humans were created to adapt to changing circumstances. When the flu first hit the United States, we soon had to face the reality that we either live in fear, or return to normal life. This is exactly what we need to do. We cannot live in fear of this thing forever. We’re going to have to learn to live with it. Yes, a lot of people will get it and die, which is horrible. Unfortunately, this will be the consequences for herd immunity. In long run, this is the best option. There is no way out but through.

I know this is harsh for some to hear, but it is the reality of the situation, and I think most people would agree. The reason why you are seeing a call to lockdown again is all for political reasons. The economy is recovering which will help Trump. Democrats can’t have that, so they figure that if we can lockdown again, it will hurt the economy, and will hurt Trump. However, like I said earlier, the American people will not be up for it. So if they try it again, get ready for massive civil disobedience.

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