President Trump Is In Serious Trouble This November

At the beginning of 2020, a lot conservatives, myself included, were pretty optimistic about President Trump’s reelection chances. He was responsible for taking out a Iranian terrorist leader and was facing down against bogus impeachment. It was pretty much like this throughout January and February. Then came March, and everything went bonkers. The Coronavirus started rapidly spreading throughout the United States and President Trump along with the Covid task force were scrambling for the best strategy. Although the beginning of the response was a little skimpy, the overall Trump response to the Coronavirus was pretty good, as far as policy decisions that is. Trump’s twitter feed as stupid as it has always been, which didn’t really help with his approval rating. With that said, Trump did a pretty good job with the Coronavirus and people seemed to agree. It did help that the media and democrats were absolutely awful during the those two months. Come May, as the virus started dwindling and things started opening, his approval rating was rising and rightfully so. Then came June and many things shifted. After the death of George Floyd, this country went into a state of chaos, with people rioting and looting, and police officers being railroaded. In the midst of all of it, how have the polls reacted to it? Well let’s take a look.

According to Real Clear Politics, Biden has a 9 point lead over President Trump in the National polling. Biden is at 49%, and Trump is at 40%. That is not good. Now let’s look at a few states, particularly red states. This is according to a Fox News poll.

FL: Biden 49, Trump 40
GA: Biden 47, Trump 45
NC: Biden 47, Trump 45
TX: Biden 45, Trump 44

Tweeted by @ashleymoirDC

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Trump is losing even in red states, including Texas, the redest state in America. This absolutely horrible news for President Trump, no matter how you slice it. Don’t give me the whole “the polls are fake news, they were all wrong in 2016”. Well, this isn’t 2016 now is it? Also, Trump is not running against Hillary Clinton, who was disliked by many on both sides. Biden is actually a somewhat likable guy. The reason why the polls in 2016 were off is because 2016 was weird election. If you jump forward to 2018, the polls were correct. The same thing is likely for 2020. With this being the case, President Trump is in serious trouble for reelection this November.

The reason for this is largely due to Trump’s persona, mainly on Twitter. His Twitter page is his biggest enemy, not Pelosi, not Biden, his Twitter page. All throughout this chaos, the main thing he has done is tweeting stuff out like “Law and Order!” Meanwhile, people are still running rampet. Contrary to what some say, the President has the power under the Insurrection Act of 1807 to stop riots and autonomous zones, but he hasn’t done this because it will hurt him politically. Little does realize is that doing nothing is also hurting him politically. Also, I thought Trump didn’t care what others thought, or at least he didn’t. This whole situation on top of his character, which is abysmal, is what is causing him to lose right now.

Despite of what you would like it to be, this election is not going to be a landslide, it never was. Conservatives cannot be sanguine in this election. Even if you don’t believe the polls, pretend they are real, so that you are more motivated to vote. One more thing, President Trump needs to get his act together. Otherwise, he will lose reelection, and he’ll have no one to blame but himself.


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