Atlanta Man Shot After Resisting Arrest And Taking Officer’s Weapon

On Saturday, after passing out from being drunk in a Wendy’s drive thru, Rayshard Brooks was approached by police over the incident. The police talked to Brooks for almost 25 minutes and completed a sobriety test to see if he was indeed drunk. Brooks was indeed drunk, and since he was in the car in a drive thru when he passed out, by law it is considered a DUI. The officers attempted to arrest him, but Brooks decided to resist them and fight them off. He then proceeded to take one of the officer’s taser and got loose and ran. Brooks then proceeded to point the taser at the officer and shoot him with it. At that moment, Brooks was shot dead.

Unlike with what happened to George Floyd, which again we all agree was an unjustified death, this case is pretty cut and dry. The details that I laid out are not made up, and have video evidence to back them up. Of course, the media took it as an opportunity to push the narrative that all police are bad, and they are lying to do so. Several headlines came out suggesting that Brooks was unarmed and was just simply sleeping in his car. He was sleeping in his because he was drunk and he was unarmed until he took the officer’s taser. Protests began soon after and the Wendy’s where this took place was burned down. The Atlanta mayor fired the officer and suggested the shooting was unjustified. The DA for Fulton County has now suggested that they could charge the officer with felony murder which is insane, and will not hold up in court.

Do you know what’s going to happen after this? Police officers are going to quit because they themselves could be railroaded next for doing their jobs. If you want to solve the problem of police brutality, labeling all cops racist and bad won’t do anything. If you want to solve the problem of racism in this country, labeling all of America racist won’t do anything. I want to see police brutality stopped, and I want to see racism eradicated. However, I will not go along with the notion that all police are racist and the entire country is racist to its core.


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