Cancel Culture Will Eventually Come For You

Remember when conservatives, for years, were warming everyone about the plight of cancel culture. The media would then laugh at them and say that cancel culture doesn’t exist, it’s just a right wing conspiracy theory. Does it seem like a conspiracy now? We are pretty much living in Orwell’s 1984, where everything the left doesn’t like must be shut down. The left would still like to ignore and say it’s myth, but that’s because it doesn’t affect them. The minute that it affects them, they will all on board for canceling cancel culture. This week has possibly been the worst example of this. The left will not stop until they “purify” the culture. Here are this week’s examples.

In the after of the death of George Floyd, and the protests, there’s now a growing sentiment that says that all cops are evil vicious racists and must be ousted from society. Nevermind the fact that the total of good cops in this country vastly outnumber the number of bad cops. However, according to the Wokeanity left, all cops are bad because they are part of the American system. In response to this, there’s now a large movement to purge the culture of anything that shows cops in a good light. Here are some examples. So, everyone knows the TV show Cops right? This show has been going for almost 33 years. Well, in response to the massive push to cancel everything cop related, paramount officially canceled the entire show, no I’m not kidding. This is because, it is a grave sin show cops as good people. Live P.D on A&E has temporarily canceled due to the same thing. It’s all BS, complete and utter BS. There’s now movements to stop airing Shows like Law & Order, and Criminal Minds. Do how stupid this is getting? There’s now a push by these people to cancel Paw Patrol, the cartoon made for kids that stars a German Shepherd who is a cop. Are kidding me? So, literally anything that portrays cops in any sort of good way must be shut down because it goes against the leftist narrative. We are heading down a dangerous territory and let me explain.

With as bad as this is getting, it’s only a matter of time before they come for you. Just a few days ago, a random yale freshman was canceled on Twitter for some racially insensitive texts she sent when she was 15 years old, and she is now 18-19 years old. This was just some random person that this happened to. If this can happen to her, it can happen to literally everyone. We are slowly heading into a time where you will be canceled for simply having a different opinion than the wokeanity left. Look at J.K Rowling. She has been canceled for committing the grave sin of saying biological sex exist. Thankfully, she has not back down from that position nor should she. The next time you post something that does conform to the narrative of the left, you could very possibly be canceled and maybe even lose your job. We cannot survive as a country like this. The tactics that the left is using is pure authoritarian communist tactics.

This is why I’m still going to vote for Trump in November, because despite how much he ticks me off, and it’s a lot, it doesn’t compare to future democrats want for America. I will gladly walk over broken glass to vote for Trump if it means keeping these people out of power. If you care about the future of this country, and want to preserve it for your children, maybe you should really consider who you are putting your support behind.

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