What Is The Real Issue?

Our nation is in a awful place right now. Our government continues to trample on our rights, riots are taking place, full on anarchist communist groups have taken over a part of the city of Seattle. There’s group of people who want shutdown everything they don’t like. This country is basically unrecognizable at this point. So, what exactly is the issue? Why are we in the state we are now? The left would like to point to how much money people have, and what stuff they own. They point out that some people have more than others, and that’s the big issue. According to the left, the only way to fix this is to give people money and other free services. Of course, this is not going to fix anything, because the issue has not that people have more than others. There are 3 big issues that I think are causing the problems we are seeing today, and they all coincide together.

The Entitlement Problem:

In our society today, there’s this belief that’s especially prevalent among the yout, that they deserve something simply because they are breathing. They believed that they are entitled to a job, money, a good college, etc. This is of course far from the truth. The world doesn’t owe you a thing. With this entitlement mindset comes bigger issues. When you think you are entitled something, but don’t get it, you begin to lose your mind. You blame the system for depriving you of something that you think is rightfully yours. In response, you either commit a crime to get it, or you fight to tear down the system. People who think they are entitled to things often meltdown the easiest because they were taught no other way as children. Because society has taught them they have a right to those things.

The Fatherless Problem:

The reason why a lot of these people meltdown so easily, is largely due to not having a father figure in their lives. Whether people want to admit it or not, when a father is absent, it can seriously damage the child emotionally. Statistically speaking, a person who didn’t have a father in their home is 63% more likely to commit suicide, 90% more likely to be homeless and be addicted to drugs. 90% more likely to commit a crime. A lot of things can go wrong without a father being present. This also morphs into the broader man problem. Men in this society have seceded their duties and responsibilities to the government. This is why we are in this state right now, because men are not stepping up in the way they should. Of course, this goes even deeper.

The Godless Problem:

The number one issue we face that is responsible for the vast majority of our major problems today is because society has completely thrown God to the side. It used to be that despite our political differences, God was always at the center. Then everything changed, and we decided that God was no longer necessary for society. Here’s the thing about humans. We are stubborn creatures who think we can do things on our own. Of course, none of that is true because we are flawed sinful creatures. So it’s no surprise to see that after we throw out God, everything goes haywire. This country has a God shaped hole in its heart and we have tried to fill it with a bunch of crap that does nothing to fix the problem.

This problem cannot be solved by the government giving out free stuff. If we want to truly get this country back on track, we need to go back to the fundamental values that’s in the fabric of the nation. Those values are that we are all made in the image of God and that He has a purpose for all of us.

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