They’re Really Going To Try It.

So, in the midst of the massive protests taking place across America, many have forgotten about a little something called the Coronavirus. You know, the virus that caused the government to shutdown the entire country and destroyed 40 million jobs in just 3 months. However, with the protests happening, the media has pretty much ignored the virus. Now, there has been an uptick in cases across the country, and here’s what the had to say about that.

Naturally, you would think, due to the protests, that this would cause an uptick cases, since everyone is up close each other, right? Well, you would be right. Back during the Spanish Flu pandemic, there were massive rallies. As a result, there was a major spike in cases. So it would make sense for there to be a spike in cases. If you look at where these spikes are happening, they are happening in major cities where these protests took place. The evidence is right there, it’s pretty clear how these spikes are happening. Due to this, does the media acknowledge this? Absolutely not.

Chris Cuomo of CNN was talking about the recent uptick of cases on his show yesterday. Instead of simply stating the fact that these protests likely caused it, he instead blames it on states reopening, I am not kidding. Georgia opened up back in later April, there has not been a spike in cases due to this. The protests started two weeks ago. The incubation period for this virus is 5-6 days. So Chris Cuomo is seriously going to blame this on something that happened over a month ago, instead of something that happened two weeks ago. Seriously, if the media dares to try this, we cannot let them get away with it. They are ignoring facts in order to push a narrative, which is Republicans are evil and that they are murderers for reopening.

The gaslighting coming from the media lately has been astonishing. The mask is off, they no longer pretend to be objective. Anybody who says the media is objective, is either ignorant, or is just deliberately ignoring it in order push their particular agenda. Things are getting worse in this day by day, and they don’t show signs of letting up.

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