Minneapolis Dismantles Police Department, Here’s Why That’s Stupid.

We are currently on a steady path of stupidity, and it is only sinking deeper into stupidity by the day. Day by day, the left seeks to outdo their “policy” ideas. When the riots first started, the left immediately looked for ways to defend them by saying that their anger is justified. Now, for the billionth time, police brutality is bad, racism is evil, and you have the right to protest. Like I have said also, you don’t have the right to riot and loot and cities have every right to stop them. So, what did the left decide to do after their arguments got shot down? Well, not only did they double down, they proposed the dumbest possible policy ever to be proposed. The policy the left is pushing is to defund the police nation. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “wait, the police are here to protect us, why would you defund or dismantle them?” Well, if you thought this, that’s because you have a brain. No sane person would ever think that this is a good idea. So unsurprisingly, the left is full of insane people without brains. In response to this policy proposal, some cities have or are considering on implementing them.

The city to implement this stupid policy would be the city of Minneapolis. You know, Minneapolis which was ground zero for the riots happening today. The place is basically a war zone. Buildings are burned down, businesses are closed, it’s quite sad to see. In a normal world, the appropriate response would be to add more policing to get it under control, which is what originally happened and worked. Then, the Minneapolis city council decided that it would be a good idea to dismantle the police department in the name of stopping “systematic racism”. As I have said on this site many times, systematic racism is not a thing that exists today, and the idea the entire police force in United States are racist is completely asinine. Not only that, dismantling an entire police department in city that suffered heavy riots is a horrible move and will lead us down a bad path.

If police departments are dismantled, not only does it put people out of work, but it is also an open invitation for criminals to roam free. Major cities in America will be complete hell holes. Not only that, law abiding people and businesses will not stay in those cities. So, if you want to completely destroy your city, go right ahead with, and don’t go crying to federal government.

So, what exactly does the left think would be a suitable replacement for the police? Well, their answer is social workers, health care, and even planned parenthood. Yes, because the next time someone robs me I’ll definitely seek help from a organization that kills thousands of babies a day. What exactly is a single mom supposed to do when an intruder breaks into her home and seeks to harm her and her children? Is she supposed to call social services? Does the left honestly think that would work? The left seems to think that you can simply talk someone out of committing a crime. This all plays a part into the leftist utopia where everyone treats each other right, and there is no crime, and everyone agrees with each other. Of course, this will never be successful, simply because we are human beings, not robots. We are a very flawed species, and all of are capable of doing something bad. The only true way to fix this is with God, but the left doesn’t believe in God, and they think we can fix this on our own.

If we are to survive as a nation, we have to preserve these core values and institutions, including the police. This doesn’t mean that we can’t fix some of the problems. However, completely tearing down the entire thing in the name of saving lives, will end up costing more lives at the end.

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