The Religion Of Wokeanity

In the midst of all the craziness, it is important to point out a few things. The vast majority of Americans agree on a few things. We all agree that what happened to George Floyd was absolutely awful. We all agree that rioting and looting is bad. We all agree that racism is evil. There is one group in this country that seeks to keep us divided, even when we agree on things, and that is the left. The left has a very different view of America then the majority of Americans. They believe that America is horrible evil place to live, and so, their goal is to completely tear down the fabric of the nation. The best way to do this is to divide this nation enough to where it is the only option left. Another way they do this is to change the culture, and they have been successful at this. The media is controlled by the left, and seeks everyday to push their agenda. If you dare to disagree with the left’s viewpoints, you must be forced to apologize or be ousted from society. It’s pagan version religion in nature, and let me explain.

What I mean by it being a pagan religion is that if you sin, even if you apologize, you are not truly forgiven and will always have that asterisk over your head. Also, you are a identified by your group, usually race. If one member of the group commits a sin, your entire group is responsible for it, and must collectively apologize or be ousted. This is the religion of the left, which goes by the name Wokeanity.

In the past couple of weeks, we have seen this religion in action. There has several videos, showing white people kneeling in front of black people asking for forgiveness as a collective, which is utterly absurd. I have never done or said anything racist in my life, I think racism is evil. However, according to Wokeanity, I am just as guilty as the racist, unless I atone on behalf of my group. This is obviously very different from Christianity for example. With Christianity, your are only responsible for your own individual sins, and unlike wokeanity, you can be forgiven, thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You do also have to ask others for forgiveness, but that’s only if you personally wrong them. Like I said earlier, if you refuse to apologize, you are ousted and shamed.

The biggest example of this is Drew Brees. Drew Brees made a so called “controversial” comment on his interview with Yahoo Finance. What was the horrible thing he said? Well he basically said that kneeling during the national anthem is bad, which is correct. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he said, but according to the wokeanity left, he committed a grave sin and must atone for it towards the black community and world at large. For some reason, he did end up apologizing, but it wasn’t enough. He apologized a second time, it still wasn’t enough. His wife apologized, but that wasn’t enough. With Wokeanity, you must change your entire worldview and must agree with everything they agree with in order to be forgiven.

Wokeanity is a wicked ideology, and has no place in American society. The idea that I must apologize for the sins of people in the past is utterly asinine, and it upsets me to see people fall for this. I hope the American people soon wake up and fight back against this ideology.

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