Hypocrisy Regarding Covid-19

In case you may have forgotten, the Coronavirus is still out there. Yes, I know that we are now supposed to ignore it because of the protests. However, I figured it would be good to remind everyone. Now you might be wondering, “Why are you bringing this up?” The reason why I bring this up is because, the left has completely taken off the mask (pun intended) and have now exposed the real agenda behind the lockdowns. Just follow me here.

During the initial outbreak of this virus, and when everything was virtually shutdown, the left was actively scolding people who didn’t stay inside. If you remember, back in March, spring breakers flocked to the beaches in Florida. The outrage from the media was astonishing. They were called grandma killers and so on. They also predicted that there would a massive spike of Coronavirus cases and Florida was going to be a bloodbath even worth than New York. As it turns out, Florida turned out perfectly fine, but even with that in mind, the left was still scolding people who were out. The ones who received the brunt of this were the people who were protesting the lockdown, because a lot of them were out of work and couldn’t feed their families. The media portrayed them all as white supremacists who wanted haircuts. If you went to the beach, you were scolded. If you went to the store without a mask, you were scolded. Basically, if you did anything that the left doesn’t like, you were scolded as being grandma killers. There is, of course, one way to change this.

So now we move on to the protests. These protests are happening in cities throughout the country, with thousands of people gathering close to each other. Naturally, with the way the media had been covering the Coronavirus, that they would be worried about a spike in cases. Well, you would be wrong. In fact, the media has forgotten about Coronavirus all together. Literally 2 weeks ago, they were shaming people for being out, now they don’t care. The reason for this, is because the sentiment that is behind the protests is supported by the media, and they basically have admitted as much. Some members of the media have openly said that since these folks are protesting against police brutality and racism that it is worth the risk. Funny, because people who were protesting to get back to work to feed their families, were shamed by the same media who are supporting this protest. Now listen, I’m fine with the protesting, it is your constitutional right to do so, and the fact that some states shut that down is deeply troubling to me. I’m just simply pointing out the hypocrisy coming from members of the media.

I think at this point, it’s safe to assume that this whole thing was never about a virus. This was an opportunity for a lot members of government to cease power and change the structure of the country, that was obvious from the beginning. It is going to be interesting to see what happens if there is a second wave in the fall. Thankfully, I seriously doubt that the American people will be ok with that a second time around.

Here’s a tweet thread showing several examples of the hypocrisy surrounding the Coronavirus https://twitter.com/GodandFreedom17/status/1269022009058635778?s=19

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