Rioters Vs Protesters

As protests across the country continue, the media continues to respond to them in the most egregious way possible. Most of you have already heard how this massive protest started. If you don’t for some reason, here are the basics of the story. About 2 weeks ago, there was a man named George Floyd who was pulled over for faulty checks. When Derek Chauvin was set to arrest him, instead of simply handcuffing him, he proceeded to throw him to the ground and pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck cutting off air supply for 9 minutes. As a result of this, Floyd died, and Chauvin was fired and arrested. As I have said a million times, what happened to George Floyd was absolutely heartbreaking. In response to this, massive protests broke across in several cities across America. In the midst of it, riots have also broken out. With this happening, the media have taken this as an opportunity to push an agenda.

I have already discussed the agenda, so I won’t get into too much, but I will discuss what exactly the media is doing to push it. As I and many others have said before, the protesters and rioters are not the same people. The protesters are out doing peaceful protests, which they have every right to do. In the midst of the chaos the media shows, most of what’s happening are peaceful protests. For example, in Athens, Georgia, there was a protest, and it was all peaceful. While I disagree with the sentiment that America is racist to its core and that whites are collectively responsible for the death of George Floyd. However, I fully support their right to protest.

Riots, on the other hand, are a completely different story. The act of destroying property, stealing, and even beating up other innocent people is not ok, it is actually evil. You don’t have a constitutional right to do this. Not only that, it’s not an effective way of getting your message out. In fact, when you destroy other people’s property and hurt them, you weaken the message you are trying to get out. Again, the people who are rioting actually don’t really care about what happened to George Floyd, they just used it as an excuse to cause trouble. The media then decided to conflate the two and make excuses for the riots due to the fact that they have a political agenda to push.

This is a very trying time for our nation right. The political temperature has risen the extreme and it feels like it burst any moment. This is where we need to come to together and not let political hacks tear us apart. Please, pray for our nation, pray for our leaders, and pray for your fellow citizens.

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