Media Predicted A Bloodbath, It Is The Exact Opposite.

A few weeks ago, as the Coronavirus reached its peak in terms of infection rates, there were talks among government officials on how exactly to move forward. In the midst of the constant struggle between locking down for months on end and reopening, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp pulled the bandaid off and announced that Georgia will begin its reopening procedures. The guidelines first allowed places like gyms, hair and nail salons, and tattoo parlors to reopen if they chose to. A few days later, places like restaurants were allowed to reopen their dining room. Because of this, Gov. Kemp was subjected to a massive backlash, calling him a murder and that blood will be on his hands. The going predictions were that there would be a massive spike in cases in deaths. The same was said for Florida and other states except for states ran by democrats of course. All of this was predicted to happen in 3 weeks. Well, it is now 1 month later, so let’s see where we are.

For Georgia, we are currently dropping in the number of daily cases, deaths, and hospitalizations. While the media predicted a blood bath after reopening, the exact opposite happened. The reason for this is that the virus is not as deadly as we originally thought, towards a certain population of course. People who are younger, ages 0-24, the virus is significantly less deadly than the flu. I think the reason for this is because your body is continually growing during that range, which causes your immune system to work better. As you get to 25 and older, it starts getting a little more deadly. Most of the people who are getting out now are the younger less vulnerable people, and the people are the most at risk are continuing to stay at home away from others. This is why we haven’t seen that significant uptick in cases. Florida is the same way. Florida was supposed to be a disaster, but as it turns out, it isn’t. Florida is doing quite well. Another reason for this is because both Governor Kemp and Governor DeSantis have governed their states very well, including protecting the nursing homes, unlike certain other governors.

With this now being the case, you would think the media and democrats would change their thinking, and some have. Others, not so much. So, you have to think to yourself, is there another reason they keep pushing for the lockdowns? The answer is yes, and it is an obvious yes. From the beginning, it was clear that the democrats had another agenda here along with help from the media. I’m still convinced that if Hillary were President, we would not have the kind of response that we got here. Since Trump is President, and it is election year, the democrats used this as an opportunity to not only sway the election in their favor, but also to fundamentally change the country as a whole. Here’s the dirty little secret, while Bernie didn’t get the nomination, there are some inside the democratic party who believe everything Bernie believes. Of course, they know they can’t get it done by legislation, but they figure they can get it done by instilling fear into the American, and enough of it to where they beg the government for help, and then the government can come in and basically trample on the constitution. That’s why some governors, mostly in blue states, want to continue to extend this lockdown, because they love the power.

Thankfully, the American people are not up for this. Day by day, people are getting out more and more and ignoring the stay at home orders. I have trust that Americans can be responsible enough to act responsibly when out, i have personally seen. As we get more into the summer i have faith that things will get back to normal. Let’s just hope, that if we get a 2nd wave, the American people remember this time and won’t put up with another lockdown.

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