No, Governor Kemp Is Not A Murderer For Reopening

On Monday, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia announced that he will begin phase 1 of the reopening process for the state of Georgia. This is in response to President Trump’s announcement last week of the multi phase plan for reopening the country. President Trump also said that it will be up to the states on when to implement this plan. Georgia has been the first state and only state so far to implement this. Here are the details of what phase 1 consists of.

Phase 1 of the reopening process for Georgia outlines guidelines people must follow and highlighting businesses that may reopen if they choose. Businesses such as gyms, hair salons, and tattoo shops, are allowed to reopen on Friday April 24th. Places like restaurants are allowed to reopen their dining room on Monday April 27th. Each business that reopens must maintain social distancing and keep their work stations clean and sanitized. Obviously, this is not a “open all at once plan”. It is a step by step process for strict guidelines, whether makes sense. Of course, people are not happy about it and are being incredibly dishonest about their claims.

One of the things that people are claiming is that “this is a reckless move with no plan”. I just outlined the process Governor Kemp is implementing, so that claim is bonkers. Some people are acting as though Georgia is forcing businesses to reopen, which is not true. He clearly stated that businesses may reopen if they CHOOSE. So, if places want to open, that’s up to them, and if they don’t, that’s up to them as well. The entire left is freaking out over this, calling Governor Kemp a murderer for this. Yes, I’m sure Kemp is sitting at home putting out a plan to best kill Georgians, yeah guys go with that. The Atlanta mayor is upset about this and even President Trump for some reason. I know he means well, but he needs to realize that some States cannot extend this any further. Thankfully, President Trump is giving States full power over the reopening process.

What the left fails to understand is that if we continue this lockdown, it will kill way more people than this virus ever will, and will cause everlasting damage to this country. So good for Governor Kemp for implementing this plan, and good for him to stick with it, despite the heavy backlash. That is the kind of leader we need during this time.

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