The Dangers Of Socialism

The 2020 election is heating up, and has taken an interesting turn. The conventional wisdom going into the primary season is that Joe Biden was going to the front runner and nominee because he had the best chance at beating President Trump in November. Then, Elizabeth Warren started gaining some momentum, but Biden gave it right back. As we approached the Iowa caucus, things were looking very positive for Biden sweeping to victory. However, in literally one month, Bernie Sanders stole all of Biden’s momentum and rose to victory in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. With these victories, Sanders has a strong chance at taking victory for the democratic primaries. Because of this, Democrats should be extremely worried about November.

As I said earlier, Joe Biden had the best shot at beating Trump in November because he’s somewhat moderate with blue collar appeal. This all Democrats had to do, literally all they had to do. Instead, the go for the one guy who happens to be a full blown communist and who hob nobs with anti-semites, and who doesn’t have a prayer at beating President Trump in November. Now, as a conservative voting for Trump in November, I want Sanders to be the nominee since he’s the easiest to beat. However, as an American overall, it concerns me that one of the guys competing in the general election is a full blown communist. It concerns me that one of the two major parties has openly embraced socialism. Because of this, although it is highly unlikely, there is a very small chance that a socialist could take the White House, and if that happens, this country will take a turn that might be impossible to divert from. The biggest problem today is that the media has misinformed the public about what socialism is and the dangers it imposes. As I try my best to do on this site, I’m going to inform you on what socialism actually is, where it started, and the dangers of it.

To be able to understand what socialism is and where it came from, you need to know the background that it derives from. The biggest idea that drives socialism is the idea of community rights should be above individual rights, which is the opposite of American values. This idea basically derived from the French enlightenment that led to the French revolution, which was absolutely brutal. Not only did they believe in community above individual, the also rejected religion. All of which was the opposite of the English enlightenment that led to the founding of America. These ideas eventually inspired a guy named Karl Marx. Marx was a big time believer in government ownership of goods and believed that capitalism is the ultimate suppressor of workers. Of course, this isn’t true, but he still believed it. His ideas went on to become the founding philosophies of the worst regimes in world history.

The most notorious of these was of course the Soviet Union. In 1917, a man named Vladimir Lenin, led a revolution that overthrew the Russian government. In 1922, the USSR was officially formed. In 1924, after Lenin’s death, Joseph Stalin took power and turned the Soviet Union into a communist regime. Because of this regime, 20 million people were put to death in the gulags, and millions of others died due to wars, famines, and epidemics. While the Soviet Union was the worse of these, there were plenty more of these States. There is China, Cuba, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and more. The message that has become clear is that socialism has never worked, or will never work.

The biggest problem is that the left has tendency to say that those regimes didn’t practice real socialism, which is of course utter nonsense. All of that was real socialism and it has always failed. The common argument that people make is that socialism is good in theory, but bad in practice, but it is not good at all. The very idea that someone has a right to someone else’s property because they are breathing is deeply immoral, is obviously theft. This kind of philosophy cannot work in a civilized society, and the idea that people want to impose that philosophy on America is troubling.

If this were to implemented in the United States, I suspect that this country would collapse, and will do so quickly. The values that are embedded into the American philosophy does not line up with the socialist philosophy. If we don’t want this to happen, we must do everything in our power to stop Sanders. This is why I will do what I can to get Trump reelected, and why many conservatives who didn’t vote for him in 2016 will do so in November. This is because if we have to choose between a guy who says and does stupid crap, and a communist, we will pick Trump all day every day, and it is not close.