Top 10 Political Moments Of 2019

We are only hours away from 2019 coming to an end. As we get ready to close out the year, I think this is a good time to reflect on everything that happened in 2019 political wise. Now last year, when I made this post for 2018, I stated that 2018 was perhaps the most insane year in terms of politics. So much crap happened, and to that end, 2018 is still the most insane year in politics. However, 2019 still had plenty of their crazy moments, and here is a list of the top 10 political moments 2019.

10. Government Shutdown

For the second year in a row, there was a government shutdown over immigration. The reason for this was because Congress refused to fund border security, something President Trump has been a strong advocate for. The media of course decided to blow it up to giant proportions in order to make it look as bad for Trump as they could. There were some affects of the government shutdown, which is partly why President Trump reopened the government and just declared a National Emergency. I still think the National Emergency declaration was a mistake, but they at least got some funding for the border. I know everyone forgot about this, but it still was a thing that happened.

9. Jussie Smollett Hate Crime Hoax

This was an insane news cycle right here. If you don’t remember what happened, here’s the basic outline of it. Jussie Smollett, who stared on a show called Empire, decided to hire his two personal trainers help him fake a hate crime. Jussie says that he was simply walking home one night and got jumped by supposed “Trump Supporters” telling him this is “MAGA country” or whatever. From the onset, this story didn’t wash, and it turns out that it was fake. The two men Jussie hired bought bleach, red hats, and rope. Of course, the blew it up, because it was the perfect story for them to use against Trump and conservatives. Again, some people still remember this, but it was still largely forgotten.

8. AOC’s Green New Deal

So Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, so incredibly fresh, so incredibly face, decided to pull out something called the Green new deal. The media was all glowing about this, calling it a genius plan to save the planet. Of course, the deal was total garbage. None of the solutions it had would have actually helped with climate change. It was clear from the deal that the climate change part in there was just a shield for them to use to turn the U.S into a top-down socialist country. The entire trio of fresh faces had their moments this, but have since faded into obscurity.

7. Conan The Dog

This was fairly recent, but still remains the most hilarious media botchery ever. Here is what happened for those who forgot. In the raid to go after ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-baghdadi, a military dogz named Conan, chased him into a tunnel and ultimately taking his own life along with his children’s lives. Conan was injured, but was able to recover. Obviously, Conan was labeled as a hero, and rightly so. In response to this, The Daily Wire made a meme of President Trump giving the medal of pawnor to Conan. Later that day, President Trump shared it on Twitter, and the media went ballistic. Trump had done a terrible EVIL! thing by sharing a meme. Members of the media literally fact-checked the meme, writing entire pieces explaining how Trump didn’t actually give a medal to a dog. I actually can’t believe anyone was offended by a meme, does the media not know what memes are? It’s all ridiculous, but honestly, this was all just an excuse to go after Trump in some way.

6. Kavanaugh 2.0

One year after the worst political smear I have ever witnessed, the left decided to reopen their smear campaign against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The accusation was that he exposed himself to a female at a college dorm party. However, there was no corroborating evidence of this and the supposed victim didn’t even remember the incident. Instead of throwing away the story like any good journalist site would do, The New York Times ran with the piece anyways. None of the allegations against Kavanaugh had any corroborating evidence, but still to this day, the left claims that Kavanaugh is a serial rapist and that he should be impeached. What’s even more sickening is that all of this was to protect abortion.

5. Alabama Heartbeat Bill

Earlier this year, the state of Alabama passed a bill that bans all abortions as soon as a heartbeat is detected. It is the strictest abortion ban on record ever to pass and started a chain reaction that lead other states to pass their own heartbeat bill. This drove the left absolutely insane, more insane than I have ever seen before. If there is one thing that left cares about the most, it is abortion. For whatever reason, they absolutely love abortion, and will do anything possible to keep it legal. It is quite a sad time when fellow Americans are ok with and encourage women to have their baby be killed. How have we fallen this deep down in our society? This heated up the abortion debate to major levels, but thankfully, it seems like the pro life movement is growing by the day. This makes me optimistic that our movement will win in the end.

4. El Paso Shooting

Back in August, a white supremacist walked into a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, and shot up the store. He killed 22 people and wounded 24 others. According to this guy’s manifesto, he was very anti-immigration, even legal immigration, and decided to go to a Walmart where immigrants are likely to be. This sparked a National debate on how to deal with white supremacy which lead to President Trump opening a white supremacist task force. The left took it as an opportunity to label all conservatives as white supremacists, which is honestly not even surprising.

3. Covington Catholic Media Botchery

Back in January, at the March for Life, there was a huge national controversy that involved students from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky. The students were being harassed by a group called the Black Hebrew Israelites and were yelling racial epithets at the students. A few minutes later, a group of native americans walked up to the group. Among them, a man named Nathan Phillips walked up to one of the students and banged a drum in his face. You can go watch the video yourselves, the kids did nothing wrong. After this, Nathan Phillips went to the press and lied to them saying that the students were harassing the black Hebrew Israelites and yelling racial epithets at them and the Native Americans. The media ate it up saying “this is Trump’s America”. Again, the guy completely lied about the situation, and I’m sure the media knew he lied, but they ran with it anyways. The media’s goal in this was to label all pro lifers as evil, all conservatives as evil, all Trump supporters as evil. This is all they care about, because they are pissed that they lost in 2016.

2. Mueller Report

After 2016, the growing theory from Democrats was that Trump colluded with Russia in order to influence the election in his favor. This started a 2.5 year investigation into Russian interference. It started with James Comey, but he was fired and special prosecutor Robert Mueller took it over. After this 2.5 year investigation, Mueller released a report on the entire investigation, which is what the left has been waiting all along for. However, it turns out that there was no evidence collusion and there was no way to charge President Trump with obstruction of Justice. After 2.5 years, this entire thing came up with nothing. The should have been embarrassed, but instead took it as a opportunity to congratulate themselves for their journalism.

1. Impeachment-Gate 2019!

Last but not least, we have impeachment. That’s right, house Democrats impeached Donald Trump, making him the third President in U.S history to be impeached. Naturally, you would think that they had something to impeach him with, but in reality, they had nothing. The two articles of impeachment have no basis in criminal law whatsoever, none. While Democrats claim that they were only doing this to protect the constitution, they actually just wanted him out of office, which is not going to happen. Most of the Democrats saying this supported an impeachment effort from day 1, because again, they are pissed that they lost in 2016 and have vowed to never let that happen again.

2019 was an insane year for politics, with most of it involving the malfeasance of the media. The media have bathed themselves in shame, and they deserve every ounce of criticism they get. Anyways, that officially wraps up things for 2019, so now on to 2020. Remember, 2020 is election year, so I imagine things heating more and more pretty soon here.