Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1-3 Review

So, I know it’s popular to hate on CW shows, and most of the time it is warranted. Most CW shows are garbage. However, there is a brand of CW shows currently airing that are actually really good, and that is the CW DC shows. Granted, not all of them are good, but some are. The two shows that I really like are Arrow and The Flash. What’s really cool about these shows are the crossovers they do every year. Each crossover gets more and more interesting, with this year’s being the most interesting and exciting, which leads us into Crisis on Infinite Earths. So Crisis on Infinite Earths is the newest crossover based on the comic series of the same name. It was a 5 night event, and parts 1-3 have already aired. The final parts will air on January 14th. In this post I’ll reviewing the first 3 parts. Just to let you know, there will be spoilers in review, so if you haven’t seen the first 3 parts of Crisis, I would suggest you leave now, unless you don’t care about spoilers. Alright, on to the review.

So to give you some background of how they have been leading up to this crossover, let’s go back to the pilot episode of The Flash. At the end of this episode, we see Dr. Harrison Wells, played by Tom Cavanaugh, look at a newspaper from the year 2024 that reads “Flash Missing Vanishes In Crisis”. So originally, crisis was supposed to happen in 2024, but due to Arrow ending, they pushed it back to 2019. All throughout the seasons of The Flash, you see this Newspaper pop up multiple times, to either move the plot along or to remind you that this is inevitable. Then, we get to Elseworlds crossover. This crossover was basically The Monitor preparing the main heroes for this crisis being perpetuated by his brother, the Anti-Monitor. Now for the actual crisis. What’s basically happening here is that the Anti-monitor is setting off a wave of antimatter to destroy the entire multiverse. The Monitor then gathers a team of heroes including The Flash, Green Arrow, Supergirl, the Legends of Tomorrow, CW Superman, Christopher Reeve’s/Brandon Routh’s Superman, and other heroes.

In the first episode, the team is evacuating Earth 38 before it is destroyed, and fighting off the Anti-Monitor’s army. This episode was epic and had some of the best fighting sequences of all the cw DC shows. In final minutes, Oliver Queen, the Green Arrow, sacrificed himself in order to get everyone out, but was resurrected in the second episode. In the second episode, the heroes spread out to find the paragons, who are the only ones capable of defeating the Anti-monitor. Among the paragons they searched for, they found superman from earth 96 played by Brandon Routh, who played him in Superman Returns. In the third episode, the antimatter wave destroys universe after universe. Meanwhile, team flash finds the Anti-monitor’s device that created the antimatter wave. There, they also find Flash from earth 90, and Black Lightning. CW Barry realizes that this is how he vanishes and prepares to do so in order to save the world. At the last minute, earth 90 Barry takes his place and dies destroying the canon. Thinking this is it, the team returns to the wave rider, but are visited by the Anti-Monitor. He then proceeds to kill the Monitor and then reopens the antimatter wave, destroying earth 1. The paragons, including The Flash, Supergirl, Superman, and a few others, are teleported out of there, while the others are killed by the wave. The paragons are sent to a place called the vanishing point where they figure out what else to do.

This is by far the best crossover they have ever done with these shows and has been long awaited, just like Infinity War was. There is not much to complain about except of how they handled the flash vanishing, because it did seem a little anticlimactic and didn’t even matter in the end. So, I predict that our Barry will vanish somehow but will later return. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see how this concludes and where the rest of shows go from here.

Rating (for parts 1-3): 10/10