President Trump Is Impeached And Wins The 2020 Presidential Election

On Wednesday, after months of impeachment hearings and investigations, the house, controlled by the democrats, have officially impeached Donald Trump, making him the 3rd President in history to be impeached. The House passed 2 articles of impeachment against President Trump. Article 1 was a charge of Abuse of Power, and Article 2 was Obstructed of Congress, I’ll get to those later. The vote was fully partisan with just 3 Democrats voting no and 1 voting present, and all Republicans voted no. Now you may be asking yourself, what reasons did Democrats have to impeach the President? Spoiler alert, they didn’t have anything, they had no evidence of criminal activity, and can see that from the Articles of impeachment themselves.

To give background, here is where this all started. Back in July, President Trump had a phone call with President Zelensky of Ukraine. Trump was expressing concern for corruption in Ukraine that involved the 2016 election, based on information from Rudy Giuliani. Trump then proceeded to withhold military aid until the investigation was conducted. Now, while this is bad, it is not illegal or impeachable. What Democrats claim Trump was doing is that he was doing it to go after Joe Biden for 2020, because the corruption issue happen to involve Biden. There is no evidence that he did it to go after Biden, and Democrats know as much, which is why they didn’t include bribery in the charges. Both Articles of impeachment are completely ridiculous and have no basis in reality. The Abuse of power charge is not even a criminal matter and is so vague that that it shouldn’t be impeachable. The Obstruction of Congress charge makes no sense. Their complaint is that some of the witnesses they said they weren’t going to testify. The problem is that Democrats didn’t even legally subpoena them and even if they did, refusing to answer a subpoena isn’t illegal. It only becomes a when the courts say you must obey the subpoena but still refuse to do so. In other words, Democrats had nothing, but of course, that didn’t stop them from impeaching Trump anyway.

One of the most irritating things about this whole debacle is the way that Democrats were acting. Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats said they were “sad and somber” during this whole thing. They said that they only did this to protect the constitution and the country, and that there was no partisanship in their efforts. *Sneezes* I’m sorry, I’m allergic to bullcrap. Anybody who believes that Democrats did this only to protect the constitution, I don’t know what you are smoking. Democrats have been looking for ways to impeach him ever since he was elected. They are all pissed that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, and they vowed to make sure get him out and to never let another Republican win the presidency. People like Al Green said that he wanted to impeach Trump since day 1. The idea that Democrats were not partisan in this is completely ridiculous and laughable.

Republicans have of course responded to this whole thing, some good, some bad, the usual game. My favorite response has to be from Senator McConnell. He has openly said that he will not allow the sham to continue and will not be impartial in this. The left was of course freaking over this, saying that McConnell should recuse himself, which is absurd and shows the utter Hypocrisy of the left. Nancy Pelosi has even considered to not pass the Articles of impeachment to the Senate, which would be absolutely dumb politically, but I encourage her to do it. What Democrats don’t realize is that this whole thing has united Republicans for 2020.

The polls have not been kind to Democrats at all. In a U.S today poll, President Trump is ahead of all major democratic candidates, even Joe Biden. Literally a month ago, Biden was up on Trump by a good margin, and then that all disappeared. In other words, this entire process is and will continue to backfire on Democrats, especially if they drag it all the way to November. If I had to peg it now, I say President Trump wins easily against all candidates, which is ironic. Democrat’s efforts to kick Trump out of office causes him to win another 4 years in office. If this happens, I’ll just be sitting back drinking the delicious and sweet leftist tears that are produced that night.