Why The Alt-Right Has No Place In The Conservative Movement.

If you’re on social media and follow conservatives like Ben Shapiro, Matt Walsh, Michael Knowles, or Charlie Kirk, you might have been seeing an upswing of troll accounts in comment section that are associated with the Alt-right. If you have, you might be wondering to yourself, “why exactly are they out in force like this?” To be honest, I do not why they are back in full force like this, because the last time we saw this many was before the Charlottesville situation where White Supremacists and Antifa clashed with each other. From what I can gather, I guess the reason why they are out like this is because Ben Shapiro went after them hard at one of his speeches a couple of weeks back. Due to this, they have showing in every comment section on Twitter and they have been showing up at every Daily Wire and Turning Point USA speech. Now some of you might be wondering “I have never heard of the Alt-right, who are they?” Well, here is a basic outline of their beliefs.

One of the main beliefs of the Alt-right is that they believe that race is the most important aspect of your personality, and they believe that the white race is superior to all other races. Like the left, they believe in identity politics. They also believe that America was founded and created only for white europeans, which is utterly asinine and completely false. Any simple study of American founding and philosophy will teach you that this belief is false. They are antisemitic because they believe that the Jews are behind every evil that happens in this world, and that they control everything, including the weather. They are also big believers in racial segregation. So you obviously see that these people are old school white supremacists with garbage views that do not line up with conservative values or even American values in general. One of the problems we face right now is that they have tried to slither their way into the conservative movement by saying that they are American first and they support Trump. The problem with this is that the Trump version of America first is way different from what these folks believe, and President Trump has repeatedly and openly denounced them. This is also where conservative such as ourselves also need to denounce them and tell them that they have no place in the conservative movement. To get a better image of this, let us first contrast the beliefs of conservatives and the Alt-right.

The biggest difference between conservatives and the Alt-right is the view of the founding of America. As I mentioned earlier, the Alt-right believes was founded specifically for white europeans and that it should belong to whites. Conservatives believe that America was founded for anyone of any race who shared the Judeo-Christian values that went into the creation of the west. The Alt-right, while they say they are Christian, actually don’t hold any of the values that come with Christianity. On a more political level, the Alt-right is fine with big government and collective rights while conservatives are advocates for small government and individual rights. On the issue of abortion, obviously conservatives are actively against abortion all around, while the Alt-right is ok with abortion because they see it as an ethnic cleansing of America. So, it’s obvious that there is no comparison between conservatives and the Alt-right, and why the Alt-right with their beliefs have no place among conservatives. The problem is that the left has a tendency to label all conservatives as Alt-right.

During the 2016 election, the Alt-right was beginning to makes its rounds in the public sphere attacking both conservatives and liberals. One big problem that was happening at the time was that Trump was winking and nodding at the Alt-right. Thankfully, he has reversed this completely, but that didn’t stop the left from using it to their advantage. Today, the label anyone who disagrees with their point of view as Alt-right. People like me, who just ripped the Alt-right, is now one of their members because I believe in things like “abortion should be banned” for example. Conservatives like Ben Shapiro are constantly labeled Alt-right even though he is Jewish and was the number one target of the Alt-right in 2016. This of course is all part of a broader attempt to get conservatives off the air and they will stop at nothing until they do.

In the end, I think the Alt-right will collapse completely as a group because no one is going to want to be associated with them. Until then, we as conservatives have to continue to denounce this group and tell them outright that they have no place among conservatives with those beliefs. Unlike the left, who never denounces radicals on their side, conservatives actually have the guts to denounce radicals on the right side which is why American conservatism is a unique political value system.