Memorial Day 2019: We say Thank You

Rebloging my memorial day post from last year

The God and Freedom Blog

Today, we stop and remember the men and women who had the courage to serve our country and gave their lives for it. This is a special day for a lot of people in America, and is a day where people calm down with all the politics and just come, because if it wasn’t for them, our country would likely have been very different.

Just as a quick history for today, it was implemented as a national holiday after the civil war, due to the massive amount lives lost during that bloody conflict. If you ever get the chance, go by one of the military memorials in Washington D.C, whether it’s the World War 2 memorial or the Vietnam memorial. I remember went I went to these two, during my trip to Washington 3 years ago. It was very surreal, just thinking about how these brave men gave up their…

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