Democrats Become The Party Of Anti-Semitism.

When it comes to Anti-Semitism, there is no question that both sides of the political spectrum, have been guilty of it. For a while here in America, right wing groups, like the KKK for example, were major instigators of anti-Semitism. Outside of the United States, there was of course the holocaust instigated by the Nazis. Left leaning groups, like radical Islamists have been a major driving force of Anti-semitism in the middle east. With all of that being said, here in America, Anti-Semitism came from extremist on both sides, and never transcended into the mainstream Republican and Democratic parties. Today, while this is still true for Republicans, this is not true for the Democrats of today. Last week only confirmed this point and let me explain.

So, Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, one of the new fresh faces of the Democratic party, so fresh so face. She was elected into Congress in November, and it turns out that she is a Rabid Anti-Semite. Over the past couple of months, she has said a number of things that were anti-semitic. For example, a few weeks back, she basically said that Jewish money was the reason why Americans supported Israel, which is far from the truth. She has also said things like “Israel has hypnotized the world” and among other things. So one has to wonder, why haven’t the Democrats censured her or something, one would think that they would want to clear that sort of crap from their party. Well it turns out that they haven’t done this because they are comfortable with anti-Semitism in their party, and the evidence is in their response to all of this.

Several Democrats have come out in support of Omar including Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez who is incredibly fresh as well as incredibly face. They have all stated falsely that the actual reason why conservatives are upset with Omar is because she is Muslim. Look, I could care less if she wears a hijab in the House, in fact I think it’s perfectly ok to wear religious head covers if required. What I do care about is what she says, and she has said some very nasty stuff. That doesn’t matter to Democrats though, they will do anything to protect her. So last week, Republicans proposed a rule that was targeted specifically at condemning Ilhan Omar, and other forms of Anti-Semitism in Congress. Well Democrats didn’t like this because it would mean that they would have to go after their own party member. So, they decided to change it to where it condemns all forms of bigotry. They specifically designed this bill to where it condemns bigotry done by White Supremacists. It does not mention anything about Ilhan Omar and anti-semitism is listed 7th on the list. This was a garbage proposal, designed by Democrats to protect their butts. Thankfully, there were Republicans who did not fall for this joke and voted against it. This however didn’t settle well with Democrats and the leftist media, so they decided to smear Republicans.

While ignoring the actual reason why some Republicans voted against this, the left smeared Republicans as the real anti-semites, no I am not kidding. Here is a tweet by Jake Sherman of Politico.

House Democrats have been under pressure for a week on anti-semitism but House Republicans have bailed them out.

No 3 house r Liz Cheney, Lee zeldin and Louie Gohmert vote no. Jeff Duncan present.

An embarrassing moment for house gop. – @JakeSherman

“Republicans have bailed them out”? So he is basically suggesting that because some Republicans didn’t support this garbage proposal, that means that they are the real anti-semites. Yeah, I’m sure this won’t piss a bunch of conservatives off. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez also decided to chime in. Here is what she said.

Where’s the outrage over the 23 GOP members who voted NO on a resolution condemning bigotry today?

Oh, there’s none?

Did they get called out, raked over, ambushed in halls and relentlessly asked why not?

No? Okay. Got it. – @AOC

You know why there’s no outrage, it’s because the proposal was a pile of garbage and the only reason it came to the floor was because your party wanted to protect their butts from actually condemning people in their party, so save me the moral high ground. The worst of it comes from a piece in the New York magazine by Jonathan Chait titled Two Dozen Republicans Oppose Anti-Hate Resolution For Some Reason. Here is what it says.

The Democratic Party spent the week working through an ugly internal drama arising from Representative Ilhan Omar’s depiction of supporters of the U.S. alliance with Israel as promoting “allegiance to a foreign country.” Pro-Israel Democrats wanted to get the party on record calling such claims a form of anti-Semitism. Omar’s allies rallied around her.

Democrats managed to smooth it over with an anti-hate resolution, first incorporating more fulsome disavowals of anti-Muslim bigotry, and then language denouncing bigotry against … basically everybody (“African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and other people of color, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, and others”). The resolution declared Nazis are bad, Martin Luther King Jr. was good, and — the real heart of the matter — rejected “the pernicious myth of dual loyalty and foreign allegiance, especially in the context of support for the United States-Israel alliance.”

While all of this is good, it does not mention anything about Ilhan Omar all in a attempt to protect her because Democrats don’t want to oust anyone in their party. It is a garbage resolution.

It was a very Democratic Party solution. Adding to the comedy, 23 House Republicans voted no on the resolution, joined by a judicious abstention from white nationalist Steve King. Amazingly, after spending days focusing relentlessly on Omar’s comments, Republicans voted against a resolution specifically deeming those comments to be anti-Semitic. And their stated reason is that the resolution also attacked other kinds of racism.

What?! Are kidding me! So Republicans wanted a resolution to condemn anti-semitism specifically, Democrats decided to water it down into a broad list of bigotry, Republicans rightly see what Democrats are trying to do and oppose it, so that means they are the real anti-semites? This gaslighting at it’s finest folks, this is really disgusting. This is why conservatives don’t trust the media, because they are willing to lie and smear Republicans in order to protect Democrats.

I think it is no secret that Democrats have become the party of anti-semitism. The fact that they are willing to do anything to protect an actual anti-semite in their party proves just that. And look, I know the common argument against conservatives is that Trump is a rabid anti-semite. First of all, this is not true, President Trump has been very pro-jewish and pro Israel in his presidency. It also true that during the campaign and in the beginning part of his presidency, Trump winked and nodded at the Alt-right, and he rightly got destroyed for it by many mainstream conservatives. However, ever since then, he hasn’t come close to doing this, in fact he has pursued policy that the White Supremacists hate and they are pissed at him. So much so that David Duke, who was the grand wizard of the kkk, came out supporting Ilhan Omar. The line is moving in a scary direction, and I just hope Republicans have the guts to stop it.


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