President Trump’s second year: The Good and The Bad

Alright guys, it is now 2019. To honor of the new year, let’s take a look back at President Trump’s second year in office. As I mentioned in a previous post, 2018 was a lot more crazier than 2017 and it’s not even close. Also, President Trump got a lot of good things done. So, how does 2018 compare to 2017? Well, let’s find out. I’m gonna first start with the good that he accomplished this year, and then move on to the bad.

The Good:

Here is a list of the good things President Trump accomplished this year. Reporter News helps with this list.

  • Moved the U.S embassy in Israel into its capital, Jerusalem. This remains one of my favorite moves that he made.
  • He tore up Obama’s disastrous Iran deal.
  • Had an amazing economy and dropped unemployment to the lowest point in history, including unemployment for blacks and hispanics. Average wages also rose 3.1 percent.
  • Worked with Democrats to pass bipartisan legislation, including criminal justice reform and a sex trafficking legislation.
  • Released 19 people, which includes 16 Americans, from captivity in dangerous foreign countries.
  • Has done a great job at narrowing ISIS influence in the Syria, although the group is still alive.
  • Despite of what the media says, he has been tough on Russia for the most part.
  • Reached out to the victim’s families and survivors of the parkland shooting and had discussions on what to do about gun policy.
  • Appointed a lot conservative judges, including the Supreme Court.
  • Stood by Justice Brett Kavanaugh when Democrats launched their disgusting smear campaign against him.

These are just the top accomplishments that I thought were the best. Feel free to mention more in the comments below.

The Bad:

As we know already, Trump has had many not so good moments in 2018. Here is the top few.

  • One of the chief irritants of President Trump is his rhetoric, mainly his Twitter. I admit, some of his tweets are hilarious, but most of the time, I wish he would just shut up. Many of his problems will go away if he would shut his face.
  • In December, President Trump announced that he would withdraw troops from Syria. This is a very bad move and it was disappointing to see him make it.
  • His Russian meeting with Putin did not go well for him. He was very soft on Vladimir and didn’t even question him on Russian interference.
  • While we haven’t seen much materialized from it, the Michael Cohen situation puts him at a higher risk of impeachment if anything is found. This plays into his rhetoric meaning that he needs to shut up in this situation.
  • He has been soft on Saudi Arabia.

If anyone has anything else that wasn’t so good for Trump this year, feel free to comment below.

Overall, 2018 was pretty good for the President, despite the craziness. He accomplished a great deal of stuff this year and I hope this continues. With that being said, these next two years are going to be a battle leading up to reelection and there things he needs to improve on in order to win this battle. The grade I would give him for his second year is a B+.


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