Top 10 Political Moments of 2018

As we officially close out 2018, I think this is the perfect time to reflect upon this year’s craziest political moments. As I said in a previous post, 2018 was absolutely insane in terms of politics. Sure, 2017 was crazy, but 2018 took it to a whole different level. To best organize all of it, I’m going to do a summary of the top 10 craziest moments this year. Note, this is my opinion.

10. The Sh*thole comments.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure we all forgot about this one, and that’s why it’s number 10, but it is worth talking about. Towards the beginning of the year, President Trump was sitting with other members of the Senate and House talking about immigration. During this conversation, the issue of chain migration came up. Trump, in trumpian fashion, tried to make a point that we can’t have just anybody come in from any country without proper vetting, but he made the grave mistake of calling some of those countries “sh*tholes”. Now, regardless of what you thought of his language, he wasn’t necessarily wrong. There are some pretty crappie countries with some pretty bad people there. But of course, the left called these comments racist and called him an evil racist, and so on. Look, should Trump be mindful of his language? Of course, but the left also needs to lighten up a little bit.

9. Memo-gate 2018!

Early February of this year, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, released a memo regarding the FISA Warrant against Carter Page. As we saw in the memo, Nunes accused Christopher Steele of working with the Obama administration and the Hillary campaign to trump up a bad dossier against Carter Page in order to take down the Trump campaign. As we know now of course, nothing much came out of it, mostly because, none of the underlying documents supported it or have not been unclassified. During that time however, there was a lot of chaos, with the right calling the FBI corrupt and the left calling the memo a threat to National security for some odd reason. All of it of course was way overblown by the media, as everything is.

8. The Iran Deal debacle.

In May of this year, President Trump announced to the nation that he had completely ripped up the Iran deal, and thankfully so. As most sane people know, the Iran deal was a disaster on many levels and the Obama administration constantly lied and lied about the state of Iran in order to make it, through executive order. The left went nuts over this of course, saying that this will kill millions of people because Iran will now be allowed to have nuclear weapons. The thing was that Iran never stopped making them, they just kept it secret. Countries like Russia weren’t too happy as well, but guess what, we don’t answer to them.

7. The Michael Cohen Situation.

As we have many times by now, President Trump had an affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels back in 2006. In order to keep it quiet, Trump ordered Cohen to pay her off. However, when he did this, Cohen violated campaign finance laws and lied to the FBI about it. Right now, he’s being questioned by federal investigators on whether or not Trump told him to knowingly violate the law. The left of course jumped on this saying that this will take Trump down. As of now, we don’t know what exactly will happen to the President, but it is possible that it won’t be a good thing for him.

6. The Immigration separation Policy.

My goodness, wasn’t this a crazy time. In June of this year, news broke out about a particular immigration policy that had the up in arms. The policy mandated that when a family crosses the border illegally, the parents and children must be separated. The left and media made this out to be a policy implemented by the Trump administration, but that was completely false. This policy, was implemented by the 9th circuit Court of appeals under the Obama administration. And guess what, these exact separations happening under Obama’s administration too. What’s even crazier is that Republicans introduced a bill that would have ended the policy, but Democrats turned it down flat, which shows their true agenda. To this day, the left holds on to it as some kind of weapon against Trump while ignoring the facts.

5. The Jerusalem Controversy.

In an announcement that triggered both the left and the UN, President Trump announced that the United States recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and will move its embassy there. This remains one of my favorite moves that he made because it was a promise long waiting to happen. Clinton promised but didn’t deliver. Bush promised, but didn’t deliver. Obama promised, but didn’t deliver. Trump promised and he did deliver. The reaction from the left and UN was amazing and revealed their true colors. The UN actually voted to condemn the United States over this, to which we responded by saying “who cares?” Honestly, we should take what they say with a grain of salt. What’s amazing about this is that soon after that, Hamas terrorists stormed the Israeli border with the intent of killing Jews. The media played it out to be a protest and that Israel was killing peaceful protesters. This whole thing showed that the leftist media are the actual anti-semites.

4. The Peter Strzok Controversy.

Mid June of this year, there was a bombshell that broke out regarding the Trump and Hillary investigations. At the center of this was former FBI agent Peter Strzok who lead both investigations. There were text messages revealed that he may have been biased against Trump and supported Hillary. When asked about this at his hearing, he did his best to avoid the question and made himself look like a complete schmuck. The left took this with a grain of salt of course, but it’s still important. If it turns out that there was bias in the investigation that affected it, then it needs to be stop immediately

3. The Parkland Shooting.

Back on February 14th, there was a tragic shooting that took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. At 2:30 pm that day, a shooter walked into the high school with an AR 15 and began opening fire. The shooter killed 17 students and was later caught that day. This of course sparked outrage from gun control advocates blaming NRA members for the shooting and making the most absurd claims like saying we don’t care about the dead children if we disagree with leftists on gun policy. However, worst part of this was the negligence of the school and law enforcement. The Sheriff’s office of Broward county received 45 calls regarding the shooter and did nothing. They received warning after warning after warning, and nobody did a damn thing. This was one of the most disgusting law enforcement failures I have seen in a while and it’s quite sad that the people who screwed it up are still in office.

2. The Mid-Term Elections.

One of the biggest things that was on everyone’s mind throughout the year was the midterm elections. The were a lot predictions, hopes, and dreams regarding on what would happen. Democrats thought they were going to sweep and basically calling for a blue tsunami, and the right was claiming the same thing. In reality, it did turn into more of a blue wave but it wasn’t a complete sweep. Republicans managed to keep the Senate and won major gubernatorial elections but they did lose the house, which could have consequences in the future. Some of the most insane moments was where Democrats accused Republicans, without evidence, off stealing the Georgia governor’s race with voter suppression. Obviously nothing can out of it, but it just shows that the left refuses to believe that they can lose fair and square.

1. The Brett Kavanaugh Debacle.

My goodness, this was an insane time to be alive. Back in July, Justice Anthony Kennedy retired from the Supreme Court giving President Trump another opportunity to appoint another Justice. A week later, he nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and the left just went insane. They were saying that Kavanaugh will kill millions of women and that it will turn into the handmaid’s tales. During the confirmation process, the tried multiple things to stop his confirmation but failed. But then, in the 11th hour, sexual assault allegations come up against him. As the story progresse, no corroborating evidence came up. However, the worst part of it all was the media and Democrats. They were making absurd claims and calling him a gang rapist and such nonsense. They were saying that him defending himself disqualified him from the Supreme Court and even went after his yearbook. They were willing to throw out due process out all together in order to protect abortion. It was the most disgusting political smear I have seen in my lifetime, which is why this is number 1 on the list.

Overall it was good year with many crazy moments. But do you what’s the best part of all of this is that 2019 is on its way and I guarantee that it will be just as crazy, if not, crazier than 2018. We shall see though.

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