President Trump ends 2018 in a interesting way.

So guys, 2018 is almost over, we survived another crazy year. Anyways, 2018 was a great year in my opinion. A lot of cool things happened in my life this year that I’m very thankful to God for. Now as far as politics is concerned, that is an entirely different story. My goodness guys, this year has been absolutely insane in terms of politics. I thought 2017 was crazy, but 2018 completely blew it out of the water. We had several major political events this year, from the left’s response to the parkland shooting and the aftermath, to President Trump ripping up the Iran deal and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, to the whole Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court debacle, to the midterm elections, to now. Overall I think Trump did a great job this year, and I’ll explain this more in an article coming after the new year. Last year, President Trump ended 2017 in an amazing way. He got the tax cuts passed, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, etc. This year however ended differently and let me explain.

Now when I say that it ended different, I mean that there were some really good things and some really bad things that happened. Let’s start with the bad. So one of the things that was not so good for President Trump was the whole Michael Cohen situation. As we know, back in 2006, Trump had an affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels. In order to keep her quiet, Trump ordered Cohen to pay her off. The problem is that Cohen violated campaign finance laws by doing this and also lied to the FBI about it. What could lead Trump into trouble is that if he ordered Cohen to knowingly violate the law and demanded him to lie to the FBI. As I said before, I don’t think he should be impeached, but it would be his fault if he is. The other thing that was not so good was the whole Syria situation. A couple of weeks back, the President ordered for the US military to withdraw from Syria after claiming that ISIS was defeated. This was a very bad move by the President and here’s why. The notion that ISIS had been completely destroyed was false, ISIS, while not very powerful, is still alive in the region. So when the US leaves Syria it’s only a matter of before ISIS regains power and becomes a threat again. What’s weird is that many Trump supporters have of course supported this move saying that ISIS is not our enemy and that they pose no threat to us. This is the kind of isolationism that gets into situations like Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Whether you want to believe it or not, ISIS is most certainly an enemy and they want to see our country crumbled to the ground. This is the exact mistake that Obama made regarding Iraq and we’ll eventually pay for it. The reasoning behind this move because that the Dicta… I mean President of Turkey told Trump that he would help Syria along with Iran and Russia, to keep ISIS under control. The problem is that Turkey wants the Kurds wiped out and Russia and Iran are certainly not going to help. Why Trump would take their word on this is beyond me. Anyways, let’s move on to some of the good.

One of the good things for Trump that happened was the issue regarding the border wall. This was one of things that I have always agreed with the President on, we should have some kind of physical barrier on the border. From the moment he mentioned this, the left were completely against it and sought to stop him from ever getting the money necessary. Within the last few weeks, Trump pushed Congress to get funding for the wall. The House took it up and passed it, but with the Senate, the Democrats set up a filibuster which now required there to be 60 votes to pass the bill instead of 51. Because of this, the government partially shutsdown and will remain so until the funding comes. The left of course calls this a Trump shutdown but in reality this is entirely on the Democrats. This is a winning issue for the President overall and rightfully so. Another cool thing that Trump did was that the day after Christmas, he and Melania made a surprise trip to Iraq to visit the troops there. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, Trump does have a deep love for our military members, which is one of reasons why I like him.

Overall, it was a decent ending for the President this year but it definitely wasn’t like last year. As I said before, 2018 was insane all around and I think 2019 will be even worse, but I hope I’m wrong. Regardless of all of this, Trump has been a great President so far and I don’t see that changing anytime soon….. well, at least I hope nothing changes but it is 2018 soon to be 2019 so you never know.

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