Will and Should President Trump be Impeached?

So yeah, these past couple of weeks have not been very kind to President Trump in terms of his legal troubles. Now I’m not talking about the Mueller Russia investigation because that looks like it will turn up with nothing, I may be wrong, but it’s not likely. What has been causing Trump trouble is the situation with his former lawyer Michael Cohen. There has been plea deals and sentencing proceedings that can spell legal consequences for President Trump in the coming weeks. So, all of this raises the question, will and should President Trump be impeached if he finds himself facing certain criminal charges. I’m going to give my answer for those two questions, but first, I think it would help if I explain the whole situation.

So if you recall, this whole mess started back in 2006 when Donald Trump had an affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels. In order to keep this from the American public and his family, Trump ordered his then lawyer, Michael Cohen, to pay off Stormy Daniels to keep her from revealing the affair to the press. Now initially, you would be thinking where exactly is the legal trouble in this, and basically there isn’t any. It is in fact not illegal to pay off someone to keep them quiet. Does it make you a sleeze bag? Of course it does, but it’s not illegal. Now, where it does become illegal is that if the pay off was used as a campaign expenditure in order to influence the election, which is where Trump and Cohen are in trouble. The one who is getting hit the most by this is of course Michael Cohen. He was the one who took the action to pay off Stormy Daniels and knowingly violated campaign finance law. He has since plead guilty to this as well lying to the FBI. Where it can become trouble for President Trump is that if he ordered Cohen to not only knowingly violate the law but also telling Cohen to lie about it. Trump’s best defense here is to plea ignorance and say he that he gave all of the responsibility of the pay off to Cohen, which would not get him in trouble. As of right now, we don’t know where exactly this is going, whether Trump will go down or not, we simply don’t know. However, from what I have seen, this looks similar to how the whole Clinton situation played out. Now, the question that arises from this is that should and will President Trump be impeached? Here are my answers.

This first question is this, should President Trump be impeached? If it turns out that Trump did in fact tell Cohen to knowingly violate the law and lie about it, I still don’t think he should be impeached and here’s why. First of all, we already knew Trump was a sleeze when it comes to women, this was all baked into the cake, so impeaching him for something everyone suspected before the election wouldn’t make much sense. Secondly, we live in the post Clinton era where the left still holds Bill Clinton as a hero despite of what he had done, so my basic point is that why should the right be held to standard the left isn’t held to. I know, some people don’t like this line of argument but it’s just what I think. If were in the Pre-Clinton era, then yes, he should absolutely be impeached, in today’s standards, no. Now of course, if he is impeached, he deserved it because he brought it on himself. Now, Will President Trump be impeached? It’s honestly hard to tell, because of the way Democrats have played politics in the last decade. Part of me says that the democratic controlled house will file impeachment against him but he won’t be convicted in the Senate. But the most likely scenario is that Democrats will whine about this whole situation all the way to the 2020 Presidential race in order to ramp up their base. Whether that will work or not is another question. Like I said before, Trump’s safest bet is to plea ignorance with this. Another way for him to stay out of trouble is for him to shut his face. As I said millions of times, Trump’s biggest problems will go away if he doesn’t tweet, but being Donald Trump means that he says whatever comes to his mind without realizing the consequences.

Ultimately, I think President Trump will hit a large but short legal backlash but will eventually recover and return to business. Honestly, if this doesn’t get him, nothing will. The ultimate moral of this story is this, if you want to become President and don’t want to face this sort of legal battle, then don’t cheat on your spouse, it’s as simple as that.

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