Remembering President Bush.

Yesterday was a bitter sweet moment for America. Last Saturday, President George H.W Bush, who was the 41st President of the United States, passed away in his home, and yesterday funeral services took place. As we all watch the funeral services on TV today, I think this is a good time to reflect on President Bush’s life and presidency. Now, I didn’t have the privilege to be alive during his presidency, but from what I have read, while he was a decent President, he was in fact a great man. President Bush during his political career never saw his political opponents as enemies and did what he could to unite both sides. Yesterday, the funeral service for him took place with the Bush family giving touching and great eulogies, as well as the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, and the Trump’s. Before I talk more about the service, I want to give a brief overview of President Bush’s life.

George H.W Bush was on June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts to Prescott Bush and Dorothy Bush. After his birth, his family moved to Greenwich, Connecticut and this is where he began his education at Greenwich County Day School. In 1938, he began attending Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts. While there, he held several leadership positions of the school including senior class president and secretary of the student council. 6 months after the United States declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941, he enlisted in the Navy. In September of 1944, his plane was hit by flak but he was able to release the bombs. He managed to get the plane over water before he and his crew bailed out, he was the only survivor of his plane. He waited on a inflatable raft for 4 hours before being rescued by a submarine called the USS Finback. For the next month, he helped the Finback with others who were shot down. The experience of this lead him to say this

Why had I been spared and what did God have for me?

This tells you what kind of person he was, he felt guilty that he survived while others weren’t so fortunate. This is fairly common among those who go through something like this. Of course, I think the reason why God allowed him to live was because He had plans for Bush, this being a life in politics particularly the presidency, that’s my belief anyway. In November of 1944, he returned to action in San Jacinto and participated in several operations until he was sent home along with his squadron. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross, as well as 3 air medals and the presidential unit citation. He was honorably discharged in September 1945. He married his wife Barbara on January 6, 1945 and had six children, George W in 1946, Robin in 1949 who later died in 1953, Jeb in 1953, Neil in 1955, Marvin in 1956, and Doro in 1959. After being discharged, he enrolled into Yale University, and earned an undergraduate degree in economics. He first began his career in politics in 1963, when he was elected chairman in Harris County, Texas. In 1966, he was elected into the US House of Representatives in the 7th district of Texas. In this position, he voted mostly conservative including voting for the Civil Rights act of 1968. He broke with conservatives on things like birth control. In 1970 he lost his seat to Robert J. Morris. After this, President Nixon appointed Bush as US ambassador to the United Nations. He served this position for 2 years. In 1973 he served as the chairman of the Republican National Committee and held this until 1974. In 1974, President Ford appointed Bush as the chief of the US Liaison Office in China. In 1976 he was appointed as the Director of Central Intelligence and served for a year. He later served as President Reagan’s Vice President. In 1989, he was elected President of the United States and served for one term. Afterwards he retired from politics.

Now as far as his Presidency, Bush was a relatively decent President. As far as policy, he didn’t make the best decisions which is one of the reasons why he served one term. However, there is no doubt that he was a great man. He was strong in his faith in Christ and had a love for people in America, including his political opponents. Unlike politicians of today, he often reached across the aisle, which wasn’t always the best decision, but he still treated his opponents with respect, a far cry from today’s politics.

Now, one thing I have to point out is the reaction from the left. Oddly enough, the left treated Bush’s death as a great loss in civility and said that Bush was a great man. All of this is true of course, but coming from them, it’s odd. The reason why they did this was to find a way to club President Trump. Now, has Trump been the best in terms of character? Of course not, which is why I wasn’t that fond of him during the election, I voted for him, but wasn’t fond of him. However, the left using Bush’s death as a tool against Trump is distasteful. Also, all of the people who are saying good and respectful things about Bush are the same exact people who called him a racist nazi during his presidency, I’m sorry but please save me the moral high ground, please. The left is far more uncivil than President Trump.

In the end, yesterday’s service for him was quite touching. President George W. Bush gave a great speech. Overall it was a great service. We give a fond farewell to President Bush, may God bless him and his family. On the positive side of this, he is reunited with his wife Barbara and their daughter Robin and are all three standing next to our Father in heaven.

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