Migrant Caravan arrives at the border and things get insane.

On Sunday, the Migrant Caravan that first started all the way in Honduras arrived at the U.S border in Tijuana, Mexico. This Caravan started weeks ago and has been slowly moving towards America for the purpose of seeking asylum supposedly. Before I talked about what happened yesterday, I want to point out the way the media has been playing this. The media for weeks has portrayed the Caravan as a giant nothing. Some have even said that this was all started by President Trump to use as a political prop against Democrats which is just absurd. Now, it is important to point out that President Trump and some his base have overplayed the impact of this. Some conservatives have labeled this as an invasion, which is simply not true, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a big deal, it is. And the media playing this out as nothing, is really asinine. Then, the migrants arrive at the border and things get pretty crazy.

For weeks members of the media have said that when the Caravan arrives, the folks in it will not rush the border fence, instead they will peacefully seek asylum at a point of entry. Except that is exactly what happened. At the US/Mexican border in Tijuana, hundreds of migrants violently stormed the border trying to illegally enter the United States. They rushed to the border fence trying to tear it down chanting “yes we can!”, but don’t worry guys, these are just peaceful people trying to seek asylum. As proof of this, some of them started throwing rocks at U.S border agents. In response to this response to this, in order to deter the violent threat, border patrol fired tear gas into the crowd of migrants. This was of course completely justified, because once you start throwing things that can cause injury at border agents, they have every right to defend themselves. Now, how did the media respond to this? Just about how you would expect them to respond.

The media, as usual, have been egregious during this whole situation. Not only did they say this wouldn’t happen, but once it did, they played it off as if it wasn’t a big deal. What was a big deal to them was the fact that border agents fired tear gas. How dare they do this! They are just peaceful asylum seekers! Headline after headline, tweet after tweet, members of the left completely twisted what happened at the border for the sole purpose of making Trump and border patrol seem like Nazis. Here are some examples. The first tweet comes courtesy of Alyssa Milano and here is what she said responding to President Trump.

You tear-gassed women and children, a**wipe! And on Thanksgiving weekend, you piece of sh*t, a**whole, motherf*cking, evil-creature-person!! – @Alyssa_Milano

Just classy stuff right, she is just pure as the driven snow. Anyways, what she said is false. Border patrol was firing tear gas at the violent mob of migrants trying to get into the United States illegally. They were not deliberately targeting women and children and to say otherwise is to be ignorant. She wasn’t the only one tweeting stuff like this. Symone D. Sanders over at CNN tweeted this out.

Reminder: these are asylum seekers. The United States government is attacking asylum seekers. – @SymoneDSanders

Reminder: the only way you can legally seek asylum in the United States is to go to a point of entry and apply for, but you cannot cross the border and then claim, that is illegal. So, the people storming the border were trying to illegally claim asylum. The left just kept doing this all day long and it is just completely dishonest from what actually happened. This is just another example of why conservatives don’t trust the media.

President Trump announced that the border point of entry in Tijuana is currently shut down until this whole mess is resolved and this is a good move. What the left fails to understand is that the United States cannot leave its borders unprotected, we are a sovereign nation with laws, not a random piece of land. Again, if these people were to seek asylum and enter legally, we should welcome them in, but we do not have an obligation to do so and we certainly don’t have an obligation to take in illegal immigrants.

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