The Washington Post publishes insane piece on Georgia governor’s race.

Last Friday, after a week long fight for taking the spot as governor of Georgia, the final votes were counted and showed that Brian Kemp clearly won the race. He won by about 53,000 votes, which is not surprising. As someone who has lived in Georgia his whole life, the state is pretty red and it was clear that Kemp would win. The reason why it took an entire week to decide the race was because Stacey Abrams could not accept the results. She lead the charge that Kemp won because of voter suppression. There is absolutely no evidence that voter suppression took place, none whatsoever. It didn’t stop her though, and she went on to push lawsuits to try to get some kind of recount. This did nothing but made her look like a sore loser, and it wasn’t just her. Several members of the left believe the same thing. The media has also been like this. They just can’t fathom that a Republican actually won. This is evident in this odd piece from The Washington Post.

So earlier today, The Washington Post published this bizarre piece by a woman named Vanessa Williams that shows the true nature of the left. This piece is titled Analysis: What’s up with all those black men who voted for the Republican in the Georgia governor’s race? and here’s what it says.

White female voters in Georgia showed little interest in helping black women fulfill their dream of electing Stacey Abrams as governor, which would have made her the first African American woman to head a state in the nation’s history.

Yep, the very first paragraph is a condemnation of white women who dared to have the audacity to vote for a Republican. All women of all colors are supposed to vote Democrat according to the left. This sort of condemnation will only drive more white women to vote Republican. Anyways, it continues.

Seventy-five percent of white women voted for Republican Brian Kemp, who was declared the winner late last week, more than 10 days after disputes over absentee and provisional ballots.

Gee I wonder why. I really wonder why white women wouldn’t vote for a party who calls them sex traitors. It continues.

Among black women, 97 percent supported Abrams, who is the first black woman to win a major party’s nomination for governor.

Although white suburban women were praised for helping to flip the U.S. House from Republican to Democratic control, liberal political pundits and activists criticized them for backing Kemp over the female Democratic candidate.

This is so freaking asinine. Again, Democrats can’t fathom that white women would actually vote for a Republican, it literally shocks them. It just shows that the left has fully embraced intersectionality and identity politics. It continues.

But another group of voters also raised eyebrows for how they voted in the race, in which Abrams fell about 17,000 votes short of forcing a runoff with Kemp.

Black men voted for Kemp at a higher rate than black women, according to exit polling, a data point that drew gasps and rebuke on social media and news commentary.

Uh huh? So, this is the mindset of the left. Not only do they believe that women must vote Democrat, they also believe that all black people have to vote for Democrats and anyone who doesn’t is traitor to their race. It is quite astonishing. It continues.

Kemp’s campaign mirrored Trump’s political themes and rhetoric. During the primary, Kemp promised to protect the Second Amendment by running a campaign ad in which he brandished a shotgun at a teenage boy who wanted to date his daughter. Another ad showed him sitting in a pickup truck that he said he’d use to personally “round up criminal illegals.” He described Abrams, who campaigned on expanding Medicaid, increasing spending on education and protecting the rights of women, immigrants and people of color, as “radical” and “extreme.”

And of course Trump has to be brought into because apparently he’s at the very center of all political discourse. His rhetoric may mirror Trump’s in terms of policy like illegal immigrants, but Kemp doesn’t hold the same toxicity as President Trump with his rhetoric. Also, I love how they make seem like Kemp wants to abolish the rights of women, immigrants and people of color with that out of context statement. First of all, the only immigrants he has talked about is illegal immigrants, who have no rights in the United States. Second, he has never talked about taking away the rights of women or people of color and to say otherwise is asinine. It continues.

“How can so many black men still align with a party that, now more than ever, is unified by white identity politics?” Renée Graham asked in a Boston Globe column after the election. “This Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln. This is unabashedly the party of white supremacy, migrant family separations, racist fearmongering, and Brett Kavanaugh.”

Ok we can stop it right here because this is too insane. This is the sort of rhetoric that won Trump the presidency. Like it says “This Republican party is not the party of Lincoln. This is unabashedly the party of white supremacy, migrant family separations, racist fearmongering, and Brett Kavanaugh.” Yep, keep doing this guys, this will surely win you the presidency in 2020. Also I want to point out that the family separation of migrants was implemented under Obama, so the idea that this is solely a Republican issue is really foolish. And also, why is Brett Kavanaugh listed in that? Is the idea that because conservatives supported him, they are fine with rape? If so, Kavanaugh is a bad example. First of all, no conservative is fine with rape and second, the allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh had no corroborating evidence to back them, none, zip. Honestly, even though it’s the notion that conservatives are fine with rape is untrue, they would have been better off using President Trump as an example.

All this does is show the true nature of the left. They believe that your opinion has value based on your race, sex, etc. Anyone who defies that belief, is ousted as a traitor. I’m sorry but this is more racist and sexist than anything Trump has said. Not only that, they are hypocrites. They get mad when Republicans question election results but then they turn around and do the same. This is exactly why people resonate to Trump and why they will continue to do so because I certainly will.

Full Washington Post article:

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