Planned Parenthood shows how evil they are with this disgusting ad.

As you all probably know by now, I am pro life when it comes to abortion. I think the act of terminating your child for any reason is sinful and deserves absolutely no defense. However, being that we live in a polarized time, there are people who take no shame in defending the act. Among them are the people at Planned Parenthood. They like to present themselves as this great amazing healthcare system for women, but in reality advocate constantly for abortion and even profit off of it. For years, planned parenthood has been the biggest supporter for the abortion industry and even promotes it. This is shown with this really egregious ad they released on Saturday.

Here is the link to the video Basically the ad shows a little baby girl, and showed three phrases. One said “She deserves to be loved” ok true, and then 2nd one said “She deserves to be wanted” ok true again, but the last one said “She deserves to be a choice”. Yes, you heard that correct. The video, while showing a video of beautiful baby girl, said that she deserves to be choice. So in other words, Planned Parenthood, believes that babies deserve to be murdered due to inconvenience or something. How disgusting is that?! How repulsive is that?! This one of the most disturbing ads I have seen from anyone in a long time. All of this shows is just how truly evil they have become when it comes to this, truly disgusting. This highlights a sickness that has grown in our society that will tear us apart and let me explain.

Over the past few decades or so, mainly starting with the millennial generation, people in this society have created this entitlement attitude meaning that they think that they deserve things they don’t earn, simply by being alive, and Democrats have carried this very message. Because of this, any sense of responsibility that comes along becomes an inconvenience and they plea to society to get rid of this inconvenience. This is very true when it comes to abortion. Society has taught many young women for years, that a child is nothing but a burden and takes away your freedom. In response to this, many women bought into this message and gotten rid of their burden by abortion. Do you know how supremely selfish this is? Advocates for abortion believe that your child is less important than your freedom and that makes it ok to kill the child. This is such a gross mindset and I just can’t understand how people buy into it. And of course, if you say something against it, you are labeled an evil sexist who wants women to die by the left. This is something that cannot fly in a civilized country like this and boggles me that people try to ignore it.

I am however optimistic that in 100 years or so, people will look back on abortion the way we look back upon slavery meaning the we see it as a great horrific evil that should not have happened in the United States. However, in the only way for this to happen is to unite everybody on the concept that abortion is murder, and I think that can only start with not only the overturn of Roe v Wade, but also educating people on horrific realities of how an abortion happens.

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