Today is the day!

Alrighty guys, today is the day, the midterm elections have finally arrived. Everything that has happened politically this year has all lead to this. Today could be a day where we as Americans unite together. In reality, expect a political nightmare no matter which side wins, brace yourself. If you haven’t already seen it, yesterday I posted a piece highlighting reasons why Republicans must remain in power and why Democrats cannot come near it. I want to explain in detail why I posted this.

Look, I’m all for voting for someone based on character, I do this as much as I can. Sometimes that can cross party lines, however Democrats have shown time and time again that they don’t have much character. As I pointed out in the piece, Democrats have shown us that they are willing to ignore any form of due respect, they call every conservative an evil racist, they don’t know anything about Economics and Trump has driven them insane. As an American, I do not trust the Democratic party with control over the US. They have moved so far to the left that even moderate Democrats are ousted as evil Alt-Right racists. With that being said, Republicans have done a crap job campaigning this election and let me explain.

The Republican party in this election has done horrible campaigning for their causes, meaning that they get their message out the right way. Of course, there are Republicans who have done a terrific job doing it, like Brian Kemp for example. However, there are Republicans who can’t seem to get their message to resonate with their base. The reason for this is that they have made it all about President Trump. Don’t get me wrong, I like him as President, but his rhetoric has still toxified the political environment in some ways and that turns off some voters. On the other hand, what will probably save them is the fact that Democrats have gone completely insane over everything, because who would you rather trust, the party who has good ideas but doesn’t present it well, or the party that has embraced full insanity and hates your values?

In the end, no matter what happens today, God is in full control of the situation. No matter which side comes out victorious, our lives will go on as normal tomorrow. With that being said, I encourage all people on all sides to vote, it is a symbol of America’s republic and is patriotic. Now, if you care about America and the values she holds to her heart, go out and vote red today.

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