Why Republicans must remain in power and why Democrats must be kept from power in the Mid terms.

With the midterm elections approaching very quickly, meaning tomorrow, I want to hit on a few key reasons on why Republicans must stay in control of the Senate and House and why Democrats cannot be near it. I know what you are thinking, shouldn’t we be worried about the principles of each individual rather than party? Normally I would say yes, however, what I have seen from Democrats for the past few months is that they cannot be trusted with power whatsoever, and let me break it down into detail.

1. Democrats are willing to disregard any form of Due Process

So, go back about month ago, you might remember the mess surrounding Justice Brett Kavanaugh. If you don’t, here is a brief explanation. There was a woman named Christine Blasey Ford who accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her some 35-37 years ago. She had no corroborating evidence whatsoever and couldn’t even remember key important details, it was a very vague allegation. It didn’t matter to the Democrats though, they already decided that he was guilty and sought to destroy his life and career. Him and his family got death threats, his reputation destroyed, everything and Democrats were complicit in it. In fact they encouraged it. All throughout the time frame of this controversy leading up to his confirmation, Democrats displayed, what I consider, the worst political smear I have seen in my lifetime. They were calling him a gang rapist, a drunk, accused him of having a bad temper (for defending himself may I add), went into his high school yearbook to try to find something on him. They were willing to try anything in their power to smear him and ignore any form of due process for the sole purpose of protecting abortion. So I ask you, if Democrats are willing to ignore basic constitutional rights for a judicial nominee they don’t like, what do you think they’ll do to your rights.

2. Democrats have fully embraced Identity Politics.

As we have seen for the past decade or so, Democrats have embraced their own forms of Identity Politics. For those who don’t know, Identity Politics is basically something where you base someone’s view politics based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc. Now it used to be that both Republicans and Democrats, correctly, united against identity politics because racists would often use it against people of color. Today, Democrats have completely adopted this into their every day politics and it has toxified the country. Democrats have a spectrum of people by race, sex, religion, etc, where they base whether or not to value your opinion depending on where you fall. Now of course, some Republicans are guilty of this as well, but unlike Democrats, it is not in mainstream, in fact it is a very small minority of people on the right who believe that way. So, who would you rather have in power, the party that does what is best for everyone or the party that bases your value based on what you look like?

3. Democrats have completely abandoned American values.

As a nation, we all share the common values in which that we are all granted certain inalienable rights by God and that the government must protect those rights. For years, both Republicans and Democrats believed these values, even when they disagreed on specific policies, they shared these common values. Today, while the Republicans have still kept these values, Democrats have completely abandoned them. They have this belief that America is a horrible evil place and that it must be torn down. Anyone who dares to challenge their belief on that is labeled an evil racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, etc. Basically to them, anyone who believes in American values is evil and must be destroyed. What they don’t realize is that this alienates half the country and is part of the reason why Trump won in 2016. So, would want a party who values your beliefs and principles to have power, or a party that believes that you are evil for daring to believe such things?

4. Economics

If one thing is for certain, is that Democrats do not really understand American Economics. Republicans believe in Capitalism/Free Market, meaning that businesses and people are free to thrive without government intrusion. If a business does something to alienate someone, the free market can take care of it, that’s how it should be. Democrats on the other hand, believe in complete government intervention and redistribution. They believe that if a business does something they don’t like, the government must go in and shut it down. Democrats also have this bizarre love for higher taxes for the wealthy, even though the wealthy pay the majority of taxes. People like Bernard Sanders have proposed 90% tax rates, 90%! They actually want people to give basically all their earnings to the government. They proposed Nationalized healthcare and redistribution but don’t realize how much money it would cost to do that, basically it run the country into the ground like Venezuela. So, who would you rather trust with the economy, Republicans who know about it and value the free market or Democrats who believe the opposite?

5. Trump has driven Democrats insane.

The final point I want to make is that Democrats have gone completely insane mainly due to the election of President Trump. Because of this, they have moved more and more to the radical left and have fully embraced the previous 4 points I made. Not only that, whenever they suffer a loss, they go into this wailing and gnashing of the teeth fit because they didn’t get their way. We saw this very thing when Trump was elected, when he moved the embassy into Jerusalem, when Kavanaugh was nominated and confirmed, and many others. So, would you trust a party who is this unstable when they don’t get what they want like whiney children?

Look, I’m not telling you how should vote per say, I’m just merely pointing out things that you should think about before stepping into that booth tomorrow. Republicans are not perfect, they have major problems as well. However, what Democrats have done for mainly the past couple of years has convinced me that they cannot come near any form of power. If they get, I have no doubt that they reverse all of the good the Trump administration and Republicans have done for the past couple of years and will make this country worse off. So, if you care about the US and her values, please vote red tomorrow.

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