The Left’s disgusting response to the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

As we know, last weekend, one of the worst anti-semitic attacks in American history took place at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Early Saturday morning, the day where Jews normally gather to celebrate Shabbat-Shalom, an evil Anti-Jewish maniac, stormed into the Synagogue and began to open fire while shouting “all Jews must die”. 11 people were killed and 6 others were wounded, including 4 police officers. It is an incredibly sad situation, and is just another example of what Jews have to go through. In response to this, most of everybody came together to condemn this. However, there were people who immediately took this situation to use against their political opponents. The left has been the absolute worst at all of this, it is rather egregious. I’m gonna break down each thing the left has said, and give my thoughts on reach one.

1. The Left has continually blamed President Trump for the shooting:

Almost right after the shooting happened, people on the left put all of blame for it on President Trump. They were saying that Trump has used language targeting Jews and wants to extinguish them from existence or something. Their source? Well, they use the fact that he winked and nodded at the Alt-right in his campaign trail and the first year of his presidency. Now look, that was bad when he did that and I said so at the time. However, President Trump has never used anti-Semitic language against Jews, in fact he has been extremely Pro Jewish and Pro Israel. This is shown in the fact that he supported Israel in a number of ways, including moving the embassy to Jerusalem. So, the fact that some on the left are calling him an anti-semite is completely asinine. They also that he incited the attack with his rhetoric. Now, has his rhetoric raised the temperature? Of course it has, and you would be a fool to deny that, and he doesn’t help when he calls the media “the enemy of the people”. If he would shut his mouth for 2 seconds, he’d be better off. However, has he actually incited these attacks? No, there hasn’t been a single instance where he incited an act of violence against anyone. Th left continuously blaming him for attacks like this, raises the temperature more and more, but they don’t care of course, they just want to virtue signal to their base.

2. The left has also used this against regular conservatives.

Not only is the left blaming Trump for this, they are also blaming conservatives it. They claim that conservatives are the anti-semites and the left is innocent of it. The examples they use is that conservatives criticized George Soros for funding democratic causes….. no I’m not kidding. They, actually claim that any criticism of Soros, who happens to be Jewish, makes you an anti-semite. This is the game they are going to try to play, but it’s going to backfire dramatically against them.

3. The Left tries to claim the high ground on anti-Semitism while endorsing open anti-semites.

While the left likes to claim that they are clean of all of this and that the only form of anti-Semitism comes from right wing groups, their actions say the opposite. The only group of right wingers endorsing the Alt-right and White Supremacists, is more radical right wing people. However, mainstream members of the Democrat party have openly endorsed people like Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour. Louis Farrakhan actually has compared Jews to termites and calling them Satanic and such nonsense on his Twitter page, and of course Twitter has done nothing about it. Linda Sarsour supports the Palestinian authority and Iran, two terrorist regimes who’s sole purpose is to eliminate the nation of Israel. I applaud that people like CNN’S Jake Tapper have denounced these figures but many on the mainstream left have yet to do so. They also like to dumb down what anti-Semitism is by comparing it to other forms of bigotry. While all forms are bad, anti-Semitism is a unique type and has resulted in horrific forms of violence and oppression. It’s just delicious that the left thinks that they winning over people by doing this and the media helps with this.

4. The Media’s response has been extremely egregious.

The media has been just awful with this whole thing. I don’t usually shout “fake news” at everything they report, but they had some major fake news this week. For example, here is what several media outlets reported, Jewish leaders say that President Trump is not welcome to visit Pittsburgh. Now, reading that, you would think that it was Rabbis for several Synagogues saying this, and you would be wrong. The group that sent the letter was a group called Bend the Arc. Bend the Arc is a group of people founded by Alex Soros, whose sole purpose is to undermine the Trump administration and their agenda. So basically, the media outright lied about this, in fact, the Rabbi of the Tree of Life synagogue said that the President was always welcomed. This right here is exactly why people don’t trust the media, believe whether they admit or not, they have an extreme left wing bias.

5. The Gun Control Argument

Surprisingly, not a whole lot of people brought up the subject of gun control after the shooting, but those who did made some of the stupidest arguments. After the shooting, President Trump said that they would have been better off if they had armed security, and he’s right. I believe all Churches and Synagogues should have some form of armed security, even in America. The left, for some reason, is completely against this. I don’t know why, but their argument is basically that they don’t want to live in a world where we need armed security. I don’t want to either, but unfortunately it’s how the world is right now and if you ignore it, it’s only going to get worse.

Obviously, the left’s main agenda here is to frame conservatives as the violent evil racists who want to abolish minorities and to make themselves look like saints. This is just proof that once again, the left is willing to do anything to get power even if it means falsely smearing conservatives. It is so blatantly disgusting and dishonest that even moderate Democrats are starting to move towards the right.

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