Threats of Violence and Death is NEVER a good thing. No matter what side it comes from.

On Wednesday, several suspicious packages were sent to the homes of the Clintons and Obamas, as well as the CNN center in New York City. According to NBC news, the packages sent contained pipe bombs, which were intended for mass murder, obviously. There was also an envelope with a white powdered substance sent to CNN intended for John Brennan. NBC also reports that Rep. Maxine Waters and Senator Kamala Harris were also sent suspicious packages. Thankfully, the authorities have contained all of the incidents and no body was hurt, so thank God for that. As of right now, we don’t know who was behind this, but of course we have both sides making conclusions without evidence as usual. The left was quick to blame this on President Trump and conservatives. Conspiracy Theorists on the right have come up with this conspiracy that Democrats set all of this up in order to smear conservatives as the violent ones. Stop guys, all of you, we don’t know everything yet, so until we do, stop with these ridiculous theories. What I want to hit on is the growing instability in American politics.

It used to be that when both political sides disagreed with each other, we’d just have a rational discussion. Today, whenever there’s some kind of disagreement or something like that, both sides send threats of violence, even death threats, to each other. For example, during the Kavanaugh stuff. Some on the left was sending death threats not only to him, but also his wife and daughters. Some on the right were sending death threats to Christine Blasey Ford to the point where she couldn’t even go home, that’s really bad. When mass shootings happen, some on the left have this tendency to send threats to figures on the right, like Dana Loesch for example. Stuff like this does nothing but toxify the political environment and is pushing us closer and closer to a civil war, which will likely end America as we know it if it happens. Now, lets be clear here, the left is the one who shares most of the responsibility for all of this crap, and let me explain.

Ever since the 1960s, the left has adopted this idea that America is a horrible evil place and that all conservatives are racist, sexist, bigots, homophobe, etc. This skyrocketed when Obama was elected in 2008. Throughout his presidency, Obama did his best to divide this country by ethnicity and race by labeling conservatives racist bitter clingers. He even used agencies like the IRS to target conservative groups for nothing other than to destroy them. The media for 8 years, labeled conservatives as violent racists and even labeled groups like the tea party, terrorists. It was because of this, we go Donald Trump, which was both good and bad. For the good, President Trump often hammers back at the media and quite frankly they deserve it most of time for all of the crap they have done. On the bad side, Trump has a toxic rhetoric. Now, I’m not saying he’s responsible for these acts of violence, I’m simply saying that his rhetoric has helped heat up the political environment, which is why I’m still not super duper crazy about him, I like him, but I’m not crazy about him. On the flip side, the left has gone so freaking insane, that anything that done against Republicans is ok to them.

In the end, these threats of violence are not good no matter what side it comes from, and does nothing to help either side. It’s obvious that Democrats won’t come back from their crap anytime soon, in fact they are getting worse. Unfortunately, some Republicans have slowly moved towards this reactionary politics that approves, but luckily it’s a small amount. Right now, all that conservatives can do is be civil and condemn these acts of violence.


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