The Worst Political smear I have ever witnessed

My goodness guys, this was one of the most revealing last couple of weeks I have ever seen in terms of politics. The left has not shown its true colors like this in a long time. So as we know, a couple of weeks back, a woman named Christine Blasey Ford came forward with accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Here are the basic details of the accusation. She is alleging that some 36 years ago, at a house party, Brett Kavanaugh along with another guy named Mark Judge, pushed her into a bedroom onto a bed and Kavanaugh allegedly proceeded to grope her and attempted to take her clothes off, and when she tried to scream Kavanaugh covered her mouth to keep her quiet. She then says she eventually escaped and had someone take her home. Pretty horrific stuff right? I mean if I found out someone did that to my sister, I would beat the everliving crap out of them. There’s only one problem, there has been no evidence that backs up these, none whatsoever. For one, she doesn’t remember the place, the date, how she got there, who picked her up, etc. Secondly, all of the witnesses who were there, Kavanaugh, Judge, and the 4 others who were there have either denied or disputed Ford’s claims. Doesn’t matter though, the Democrats and the media have taken these claims and have ran away with them purposely to destroy his life and career. Let me explain more in detail because these people have been astonishingly egregious these past couple of weeks.

From the very beginning, it was clear that Democrats had an agenda, smear, destroy, and delay. This is evident in how Senator Dianne Feinstein handled the allegations. Feinstein received a letter from Christine Blasey Ford that details the allegation back in July. When she got it, did Feinstein release it to the press? Nope. Did she question Brett Kavanaugh about it at his Senate Confirmation hearings? Nope. She held on to it for 6 weeks and “coincidentally” it was released to the public, the very week Kavanaugh was supposed to be confirmed. Yeah, there’s no political agenda going on here guys, Democrats only want the truth. Of course, the moment Ford came forward, the Democrats took her and her accusations and used them as a weapon against Kavanaugh and Republicans. Again, there is no corroborating evidence that supports these claims, but that doesn’t matter to them. Their biggest excuse is that there needs to be an FBI investigation, but there 2 problems with this. First of all, there is not enough information for the FBI to run a full investigation. The most they can do is question the witnesses, which is what they are doing but I’ll get to that later. Second, this is technically not even in the jurisdiction of the FBI, it is at most a state issue. Not only have they been doing this, Democrats have also been trying to delay this thing as long as possible. When Ford came forward, Republicans had to delay the vote to confirm Kavanaugh and set a hearing for the following Monday. When it got closer, Democrats were making all sorts of excuses in order to delay the hearing. They were calling Republicans bullies for wanting to question her, Ford’s team set out a list of ridiculous demands for it, and when it came to that Friday before, she made an excuse that she has a fear of flying and thus couldn’t make it to the hearing, even though she had flown numerous of times before. Republicans graciously moved it this past Thursday as well as scheduling the vote for the following day. From there, Democrats tried everything in their power to destroy his name, including putting out 2 other accusations. Both of these allegations are extremely non-credible, and like Ford’s allegations, they lack evidence. They’ve also called him an evil sexist, trying to cling to his high school yearbook for answers, just anything to stop him. The media and radical leftists have helped with this as well. The media from the start portrayed Kavanaugh as guilty even without evidence, I guess they don’t believe in due process. There has been piece after piece attacking Kavanaugh and his family as well as conservatives who support him. They have suggested that even asking for corroborating evidence makes you an evil horrible sexist, because you must believe all women. Kavanaugh and his family have also received death threats from radical leftists. Ted Cruz and wife were ran out of a restaurant by a radical leftist for supporting Kavanaugh. It just got worse and worse and was all leading up to the hearing on Thursday.

The left was really counting on this hearing, they were hoping that this will bring down Kavanaugh. Now, I must say after Ford’s testimony, I did have some doubts that Kavanaugh will come out of this winning and let me explain. Christine Ford’s testimony was quite effective to some extent, and did seem believable. She expressed a great deal of emotion in it, and it was hard to not feel sympathy for her. However, feelings aren’t enough to ruin someone’s life and career, there has to be evidence, which there isn’t in this case. When Kavanaugh came forward for his testimony, my doubts went away. He also expressed a great deal of emotion and anger towards these people, and I don’t blame him. The left has viciously attacked him and his family based on unverified allegations, so I would be ticked off as well if I was in his position. Despite all of the anger, him and his daughters had the decency to pray for Dr. Ford. After Kavanaugh’s testimony, Lindsey Graham came up and just went off on Democrats, Lindsey graham of all people, that’s how you know things are bad. He saw right through them. The democratic and media response to this was egregious. They were all saying that because Kavanaugh got angry, he must be guilty, but if he was calm he would have also been guilty. In the hearing, democratic senators questioned Kavanaugh about his high school years and asked him to call for an FBI investigation, and because he refused, he must be guilty. After the hearing, several Republican senators were harrassed by leftists being called sexist and evil for not believing Dr. Ford. The media was worse. Supposedly objective journalists were attacking Kavanaugh for his anger and suggesting that this makes him unqualified for the Supreme Court. The very next day, Senator Jeff Flake called for an FBI investigation in order for him to vote yes, and Republicans honored it because he probably was the deciding vote. Even with the FBI investigation, the left is still not satisfied. They not only want his allegations investigated, they want his yearbook quotes and drinking investigated. They are also complaining that the investigation is not wide enough and that Trump is somehow obstructing justice even though he called for it. No matter what Kavanaugh does or no matter what Republicans do, the left will not be happy until Kavanaugh is out.

Their agenda is to do nothing but delay, delay, and delay, because they are hoping to push this back past the mid terms and hope they win the Senate. This is how they work, this is what they do. They are willing to launch false allegations against a good man in order to protect things like abortion, and to get power. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. This is easily the most despicable, egregious, disgusting, and disturbing political smears I have ever seen in my entire life. These people are so power hungry and are willing to do anything to get it. This is why conservatives need to vote this November because we cannot let these disgraceful politicians have power because they will trample our constitutional rights if they get it. Honestly, I have never been so disgusted at Democrats like this before, it is rather screwed up. I hope this FBI investigation goes quick, so that Republicans can vote him in and then we can be done with this, because I think we are all sick of it.

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