The Washington Post blames President Trump for Hurricane Florence… Yes seriously.

On Wednesday, ahead of the major hurricane that is about to hit North and South Carolina, the Washington post decided to publish a piece about it. Earlier, President Trump sent out a statement on Twitter to people in the path of the storm to heed the warnings of evacuations from the local and state authorities. So how does the Washington Post respond? Well, they of course responded in the most egregious way possible and let me explain.

To start, here is the headline for the piece: Opinion: Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit. The headline itself is already bad enough, but the actual piece is worse, and here it is.

YET AGAIN, a massive hurricane feeding off unusually warm ocean water has the potential to stall over heavily populated areas, menacing millions of people. Last year Hurricane Harvey battered Houston. Now, Hurricane Florence threatens to drench already waterlogged swaths of the East Coast, including the nation’s capital. If the Category 4 hurricane does, indeed, hit the Carolinas this week, it will be the strongest storm on record to land so far north.

President Trump issued several warnings on his Twitter feed Monday, counseling those in Florence’s projected path to prepare and listen to local officials. That was good advice.

Ok, obviously this first part is good. However, here is where it goes off the rails.

Yet when it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters.

Ok…what? “When it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit”. So are they suggesting that Trump somehow controls the weather. Weird, first it was the Jews that controlled the weather, but now it’s President Trump. I guess I get what they are trying to say here, but why make it seem like Trump is the main contributor. If you really want to find someone to blame, blame China. They contribute the worst to pollution and in fact, the United States has dramatically reduced carbon emissions for the past decade. Here’s a little more.

With depressingly ironic timing, the Trump administration announced Tuesday a plan to roll back federal rules on methane, a potent greenhouse gas that is the main component in natural gas. Drillers and transporters of the fuel were supposed to be more careful about letting it waft into the atmosphere, which is nothing more than rank resource waste that also harms the environment. The Trump administration has now attacked all three pillars of President Barack Obama’s climate-change plan.

Yes, because everyone knows that no hurricane occurred in the US while Obama was in office because of his climate change plan or if it did, it wasn’t his fault, but since Trump took office, that means his policy is what causes hurricanes to occur.

The president has cemented the GOP’s legacy as one of reaction and reality denial. Sadly, few in his party appear to care.

Basically the piece is just another way to attack President Trump, even if it’s a hurricane.

I know I have said this a thousand times or so, but this is why Trump won, because things like this from the media. If you recall from yesterday, Joe Scarborough of the Washington post, published an opinion piece with this headline: Opinion: Trump is harming the dream of America more than any foreign adversary ever could. He posted this on the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks of all days. He apparently thinks having Trump as President, is worse than Islamic terrorists killing 3,000 Americans, and they wonder why we don’t trust them. Seriously, all of this constant attacks on the president is only going to drive more conservatives into his arms.

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