The Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings and why they were a waste of time.

Oh my goodness guys, last week was just phenomenal, was it not? Seriously, the entire week, my daily wire leftist tears hot or cold tumbler would not stop filling up. I had to get a plumber to come stop it, because my house was getting flooded. Ok, if you don’t know what I’m getting at, here is what I’m talking about. So, if you recall back in July, President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy who retired 2 weeks prior. Well this week, the Senate held a confirmation hearing to “properly vet” Kavanaugh. In reality, it was just used as an opportunity for Democrats to grandstand, and it was rather hysterical as well as a waste of time. I’m gonna tell you what I mean by this, but first here are some details from the hearings.

The actual hearings started on Tuesday morning and from the very beginning, it was insane. Protesters gathered in the room and started shouting because according to article LVIII of the constitution, if they shout and scream loud enough and long enough, the confirmation of Kavanaugh will automatically be blocked. In reality, all it did was make them look like children throwing a temper tantrum for not getting their way. That was not the most interesting part however. When Senator Grassley was making his opening statements, Democrats immediately start interrupting to have the hearings stopped because they claim they don’t have enough information on Kavanaugh to make their decision, which is utter nonsense. First of all, Kavanaugh has released over 100,000 pages of his records which is more than what any other nominee has released in the last decade or so, and secondly, I seriously doubt releasing anymore documents would have influenced their vote seeing how Democrats already decided to vote no before Kavanaugh was even nominated. The 2 Senators who made great fools of themselves were Kamala Harris and Cory Booker. They both used these hearings as a way to grandstand for presidential campaigns in 2020. For example, Kamala Harris asked Kavanaugh if he had ever talked to someone from Kasowitz about the Mueller investigation, which is asinine. The reason why this is asinine is because Kasowitz has hundreds, maybe thousands of lawyers so how was he supposed to know if he talked to someone specifically from their. Also, Kasowitz came and straight up said that this didn’t happen, so yeah not a good look for Kamala. All of this was of course to make it seem like Kavanaugh is going to come in and shut down the Mueller investigation, which is of course false. Cory Booker made a even bigger fool of himself. So, later on in the week, Senator Booker released some supposedly damning documents about Kavanaugh. This brought up the question on whether or not Cory Booker violated Senate rules. Funny enough, he came out and flat out said that he did violate the rules in order to get this information out there. He even said that this was his Spartacus moment, which was both hysterical and stupid. Overall, this was nothing but virtue signaling and grandstanding to their base to show how much they hate Brett Kavanaugh because nothing scares them more than a Scotus judge who will interpret the constitution as written.

With all of this virtue signaling and grandstanding, you might ask yourself, “do we actually need these judiciary hearings?” My answer is no, in fact they are a complete waste of time. Let me explain it a little better. I think the original intent for them was a way for the Senate to make sure the Supreme Court did their job. The Supreme Court was supposed to be a relatively powerless branch of government, meaning their only job was to determine whether or not a piece of legislation was constitutional. Today, this branch has become all too powerful, mainly thanks to the left. The left has used the Supreme Court as a way to push their agenda that they couldn’t get through Congress, and they use these hearings to make sure they get a leftist who doesn’t interpret the constitution as written. This is why judicial nominees don’t answer questions honestly, and it has just become a big hassle, so I think they should get rid of the hearings all together. That’s what Republicans should have done to begin with. They should have stopped the hearing and moved in for a vote. They only need 51 votes thanks to Harry Reid getting rid of the filibuster for judicial nominees.

In the end, Kavanaugh will be confirmed, Democrats will go insane and we’ll all soon move on to the next thing freak out over. Like I said before, I think Kavanaugh wasn’t the best pick, but he is still good, and I think he’ll do fine. What I can’t wait to see is for Justice Ginsburg to retire and President Trump nominating Amy Barrett. Not only will it be another originalist on the court, but the leftist meltdown will be spectacular.

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